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  • Thegreatestshorter Thegreatestshorter Jul 13, 1999 10:26 PM Flag

    IVIL is the greatest.....

    stock to short. I am laughing all the way to the
    bank. This woman runned business is proof that women do
    not know what they are doing!!! Word of advise, all
    women companies are excellent shorting opportunities!!!

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    • Generally, when more companies come public in a
      segment, people initially say, "there's plenty of market
      for everyone."

      What happens though, is that
      investors sell one and pick the other. From a stock
      perspective, the price premium exclusivity enjoyed by the
      incumbent is shaken somewhat. If someone wanted to
      participate in the internet/women market, they had to go to
      iVIL. Soon there will be choices and that portion of
      iVIL's price premium will shrink.

      Inevitably as
      well, there is choice amongst the customers of the
      emag, so the market share enjoyed by the first mover is
      also shaken. Ad spending $$ will have to be split to
      see which emag sells/reaches best.

      what I'm saying is that there is competition for
      investor $ in the capital markets and competition in the
      business. The second player is now flush with cash from the
      IPO and spends it to try and ruin the incumbant's
      business, and to justify the heavenly stock price. They
      work hard.

      Finally, if it's seen that it's easy
      to get rich doing a woman's emag, then there will be
      lots more of them, and then you'll have a supermarket
      check out lane.

      Soon the party is over, and
      that's what iVIL faces. Can't stop it.

    • end. I was wondering if all of you stupid women could invest all of you money into this site so that you can get back to the kitchen asap, the food needs improvement.

    • Thanks for the respons to the question about the
      date of the IPO iconhater.

      Well, the reason I
      was asking about the date of the IPO is the
      obvious sympathy play here. Should fly, I would
      expect a little spill over onto IVIL. What do all of
      you, the IVIL masses, think (shorts and longs)? Also,
      how about OMDA? Is there enough recognition of there
      position in this "industry" to warrant a jump as

      Just interested in other's opinions. Though I realize
      there are a number of fundamental issues at play here,
      all I care about is psychology (the psychology of
      IPOs and sympathy plays) and making some cash on a
      short term play!

      Thanks all - One with the fever

    • IPO will be either the week of 7/26 or
      8/2 as far as I know. I don't know what the status of
      their roadshow is so it's hard to know exactly. With
      Morgan Stanley leading the way it should be quite
      successful. WOMN has more content than IVIL will ever have
      and is run by top notch people. I hope IVIL does well
      but I just don't see a comparison. The fact that
      Hearst blew them off and joined forces with
      should tell you something. IVIL's biggest mistake was
      not making that happen.

    • Anyone know when it is. I saw the 23rd somewhere, but I can't find any other info.

      Thanks in advance

    • OMDA will beat IVIL to the crapper.

    • I'm buying OMDA. After comparing the two stocks
      O'Media is run by an extremely successful woman and is
      staffed by other succeful people. The home page
      She' and profits magazine are better than IVIL's

    • Did you see her on CNBC?She sounds smart,,but thoser glasses gotta go. YOUR INSIDE U *%#%.Sorry serious IVIL stockholders,i had to do it. CYA,

    • "synergy," a concept that always looks good on
      paper, but never quite works out in reality. IVIL would
      be better off SELLING those "links" to competing
      companies bidding against each other for them, rather than
      just giving them away to its own internal divisions.
      The problem is, the supply of banner-ad links is
      growing faster than the demand for them.
      I'm not
      demeaning your well-thought-out post; I'm just pointing out
      that in the real world, "synergy" never seems to work
      as well as the shareholders are promised it will,
      probably because a captive division of a company tends to
      be much lazier about profit generation than a
      hungrier, stand-alone company would be.
      I honestly
      don't think IVIL will ever make anywhere NEAR enough
      money to justify anywhere NEAR its $1.2 billion market
      cap, and I freely admit to having a short position in
      this stock.

    • Just discovered OMDA the women's internet channel
      Sell @ 1 1/8
      They state they are going to be nasd
      listed, have backer, great websites and maybe doing an
      IPO spinoff IMO This is a winner..
      It could easily
      be worth 30.00 a share in spinoffs and stock price
      next year

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