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  • MisterKristian MisterKristian Jul 16, 1999 3:37 PM Flag

    IVIL Content (INSP) provides content to the majority of web portals.

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    • Where do you think Redbook, in addition to Cosmo,
      Good Housekeeping, Country Living etc are? They're on's website. And who do you think will be advertised
      in all these magazines and on numerous tv stations
      that Hearst owns? And who continues to pull
      away from IVIL in the Media Metrix top websites
      report? Who has content from 13 different
      magazines available to them?! There is no
      comparison...omda/ivil is not the question here. The question is how
      quickly will squash ivil? With the cash from
      the IPO, will continue to grow and acquire
      companies. Buy the day it goes public and you'll
      be very happy.

    • Its still the same old story. You can't have your
      cake and eat it to. Ivillage cannot continue to give
      away what they offer and have half a chance of
      surviving. In spite of their site being free, the number of
      new, unique visitors visiting Ivillage is fading. They
      may offer a free service that's apealing to some, but
      the key word here is "FREE". You can't make a profit
      on "free". In plain black and white, they made the
      statement that, "they don't plan on making a profit into
      the forseable future". HEEEEEELLOOOOO! The company
      plans on getting killed - into the foreseable future.
      What that means, in real terms, is that the insiders
      who own stock will sell it off (continue to sell off
      in small chuncks) over the course of the next few
      months, bank their millions, buy their boats, build their
      estates on remote islands, then let the company go
      completely in the tank at the expense of the
      speculators.......and why not? And why shouldn't they? The blissful
      speculator has bid this stock up to bizzare valuations even
      when the company comes right out and says, "Ivillage
      will never make a cent in my lifetime - but us
      INSIDERS will". Read between the lines. The insiders are
      making a fortune

    • This company is scary, folks. The article was
      kind toward IVIL, if you can believe that. I've heard
      it called things that I won't repeat - and the fowl
      reputation is earned. Please, please pay attention to the
      company's statement in the article, that "we do not plan to
      make a profit into the foreseable
      future".........HEEEELLOOOOOOOO! It's there, in plain black and white, and its
      true. Don't kid yourselves, this money pit has no
      intention of ever making a buck.


    • i read on the message board for
      ivillage some pretty weird stuff about iVillage hiting
      (and firing) practices... can anyone here tell me what
      the deal is?
      that board is

    • Using the computer for all manners of information
      gathering and e-commerce is more prevalent today than most
      people in my age range think. Science fiction has always
      seemed to be little more a farfetched genre, however
      most of what I saw in movies just 10 years ago is
      coming to pass in the field of computer technology.
      Gen-Xers are the future of the e-commerce realm...they
      will be the backbone of internet sites of all types.

      You spoke of magazines available on the
      internet...too many to count for sure. However, I have found
      only one free publication dealing with women - New
      Mother - all others are paid subscriptions. This is
      important because not everyone is a magazine junkie needing
      every issue either delivered to their home (via
      internet or snail mail) or purchasing in the store while
      checking out. Why purchase an entire publication when you
      may be interested in only one article dealing with a
      particular topic important to you. With OMDA I can choose
      the articles I want to read without having to buy an
      entire magazine or subscribing to a year's worth of
      weeding through issues and stories that do not interest

      The trend is also leaning towards
      shopping without having to load the kids in the car and
      drag them through the stores where young children have
      little interest in things other than the toy department.
      I belive the intrinsic value of OMDA lies in their
      many offerings, including on-line shopping. Families
      and individuals can conduct all manners of business
      on the internet, freeing up their time for more
      important activities, like hitting the great outdoors
      without foregoing the need to be up-to-date on issues and
      buying either that great toy for their kid(s) or that
      knockout sweater for thier spouse.

      I'm obviously
      long on OMDA and will keep the faith that success is
      in this company's future.

    • You mentioned the many magazines on the counters
      and book shelves at the thousands of stores across
      America. IVIL and OMDA have absolutley nothing these
      periodicals don't already provide, or couldn't provide if it
      made sense for them to do so. In other words, Ivillage
      and OMDA are "Johnny come latelys" to an already
      overcrowded sector, nothing more. There are literaly hundreds
      of women-focused peridicals out there, and almost
      all of them have there own web-sites. OMDA, IVIL, and
      shesgotit offer nothing new....give me a break. Same stuff,
      different wrapper, and the wrapper is easily imitated and
      duplicated (via the internet). OMDA is crashing because even
      the speculators can see through the smoke and haze.
      Ivillage has, so far, been a novelty among some groups.
      You know, an "internet only" I
      hear one of their customers ask if anyone has
      remembers where she left her brain. Ivillage, in my
      opinion, will fade completely in the next 12 to 18 months.
      OMDA is already dead.

    • As with most specialized products, websites
      dedicated specifically to women could just fizzle out and
      disappear for lack of interest. However, with three sites
      and counting there must be something to this market
      niche - just like the over-the-counter magazines
      stacked at the checkout stands in the grocery store and
      the racks and racks in all other stores. Women of all
      ages are interested in what others have to say - life
      stories, shared experiences, common interests, etc. Women
      are conditioned at an early age - Teen Magazine and
      the others that sport stories on how to get that boy
      to like you and what to do with that pimple on prom
      night. The stories have changed to investments and
      raising baby, but the message is still the
      our offerings because we have the information you

      Althought OMDA has fallen below 1 - which I never thought I
      would see I maintain my optomistic outlook for its
      eventual success. I have compared Women.Com, I-Village,
      and She'sGotItTogether...Ivil and are
      mirror images of each other - She'sGotIt stands apart
      because of the ever changing face of the is
      not a cheap regurgitation of just another site.

      The only problem I have with She'sGotIt is the lack
      of regular information about the company - I've seen
      this before with other stocks though, and after long
      delays I have witnessed the stock taking off - so I
      stand strong and long on OMDA.

      Have a great day

    • This is more competition to IVIL. I agree with
      everything lose_cash says about IVIL. If it is possible to
      make a profit with a woman's web site, everyone will
      move in with a site. Anyway, is planning an
      IPO soon (don't know exactly when), and you can read
      about it at I am shorting IVIL, and
      expect to cover at 20 sometime in August.

    • I still hold to my original position - if there's
      money to be made, competitors will come, and not
      neccesarily in the form of new upstarts. Women's publications
      are one of the obvious choices to move into this
      market - if it's profitable. Womans Day, Redbook, Better
      Homes and Gardens, and etc could easily expand their
      product base to include what Ivillage offers. Womens
      publications, such as these, already have a strong and loyal
      customer base, brand recognition, and they know how to
      target their customers. A move in this direction is an
      absolute no brainer - IF there's money to be made.
      Ivillage, in my opinion, is a grape waiting to be squashed.
      Let them pull in OMDA - it won't save them. The heavy
      weights are sitting in the wings, watching and waiting.
      If there's even a hint of profitability and revenue
      growth in this sector, IVIL will have a war on their
      hands, and it's a war they can't win - long term.

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