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  • martinshortin martinshortin Aug 23, 1999 10:27 AM Flag

    Michael Kaufman

    You might want to check out some of the net
    infrastructure stocks. Many of these are good companies with
    decent potential, but the field is crowded, valuations
    are high, competition is fierce, and profits have not
    yet materialized. Some candidates are JNPR, RBAK, and
    ARBA. JNPR is the one I've targeted; it has by far the
    largest market cap and most downside potential.

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    • Besides not capitalizing "God", on a much less
      significant note you stated, <<Lastly, as I predicted
      rightly, IVIL didn't die today as many shorts have

      Of course every insider did not sell all his or her
      IVIL shares on the first day the lockup expired. The
      stock was down 6%, and there will be constant pressure
      on IVIL for a long while as insiders dispose of
      their holdings. In addition, short squeezes, that have
      held-up this stock, will also abate as the float

      Prospects do not appear too good for IVIL.

    • I spelled it looser in an attempt to accentuate
      the word. Like if I said aaahhh, righhht. As far as
      the english, well at least I can compose complete
      sentences. I have not responded to his/her posts before, but
      after weeks of this drivel, and a post attacking me
      specifically, I couldn't help but to respond in a similar inane

      Trade On


    • why such a good day today. Are all these investors so dumb?

    • what you could short today on the uptick - thanks longs - its time to short this piece of crap one more time! LOL!

    • The downward pressure from any lockup expiration
      takes several weeks to play out fully. Not only do some
      shareholders hold back initially so as not to create or get
      caught up in a huge downdraft, but venture-capital
      shareholders have to wait to the lockup expiration to then
      first distribute stock to their limited partners who
      can then sell it on the open market.
      Moreover, any
      large shareholder is going to dribble their stock our
      both because of Rule 144 and so as not to overwhelm
      the market. This is especially true with IVIL because
      there is a paucity of institutions interested in buying
      the stock (guess why). With only small (100-500
      share) buyers, a big-block seller has to be very patient
      to avoid serious price deterioration.
      All of this
      strongly suggests that IVIL will be under selling pressure
      from the previously locked-up shares for at least the
      next month if not more.

    • 14 out of 15 stocks goes down on this day. Just
      check all the internet IPOs of 1999. Even if the
      company is as good as it is IVIL it is better wait to buy
      after tomorrow when the price should be much lower.

    • 14 out of 15 stocks goes down on this day. Just check all the internet IPOs of 1999. Even if the company is good as it is IVIL it is better wait to buy tomorrow when the price should go down a lot.

    • Interesting that you find fault with others' English.

      Happy Trading !

    • to do with English you fool need to wash your
      mouth 1000 time before opening it. BTW your English or
      education level is not that impressive either: Is this how
      you guys impress others?

      Off the topic: I
      haven't even said anything about America yet, so where's
      your anger came from? You're the very FELLOW shiting
      on the very stock you short and made money on and
      your the guy who is bashing this American company. Not
      me. Try to learn how to talk like you are thinking
      like you still have a brain. BTW, do you believe your
      god? Is that what all he has tought you so? Shame on
      you! You are doing a very bad job for this country and
      you are perhaps one of the very few shameful

      Oh, did you ever figure out where you came from? Did
      you ever know that this is not your land anyways in
      the first place? If not you may go back and pay some
      tuition and re-educate yourself about your 'own'
      country's history.

      Lastly, as I predicted rightly,
      IVIL didn't die today as many shorts have claimed.
      Happy trading to all.

    • (Speaking on yhzonian level) I don't know where
      the fuck you come from, but you have some pretty
      fucked up ideas. Shorting a stock is unethical?? What
      are you a fuckin commie bastard or something? Why
      don't you just leave your head where it is...firmly
      implanted in your asshole. Learn to form complete sentences
      in ENGLISH before you get on here and spout all of
      your fucked up shit head theories about "investing"
      and the deplorable state of the U.S. society. If you
      don't like it here why don't get back on your donkey
      and ride it back to whatever looser country you are
      from?? The United States of America and capitalisism are
      the best thing going!! You are here....but all you do
      is complain...WTF???? Go away, you are a looser from
      some other looser country. USA..USA..USA!!! (back up
      off yhzonian level)

      Gee the lockup is about to
      expire. Is everyone ready???

      I am ;-) This is
      gonna be FUN.

      Good Luck



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