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  • berockedagain berockedagain Mar 31, 2000 10:34 AM Flag

    This POS is going LOWER!!!

    This came over the wire this morning - looks like
    the beginning of the end for several of these content
    only sites - like IVIL. I still can't believe this POS
    was trading close to 130 at one time. Too bad the
    days of EASY shorts are over - but this dog has some
    juice left in it. Remember, any bankrupt candidate can
    be shorted prior to Chapter 11 for a nice gain -
    this one is definitely on my radar. Good

    Friday March 31 8:27 AM ET
    Auditors Question's Viability
    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Independent
    auditors for Inc. (NasdaqNM:KOOP - news) have
    questioned the online health-care network's ability to
    continue as a going concern, the company's annual report

    This is the most recent in a string of warnings by
    auditors that the viability of some Internet companies is
    on shaky ground.

    Online grocer Peapod Inc.'s
    (NasdaqNM:PPOD - news) recurring losses may have depleted its
    available cash, auditors said, and online music retailer
    CDNow Inc. (NasdaqNM:CDNW - news) may not have enough
    cash to see it through the year.

    A company
    spokesperson could not be immediately reached for

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    (Requires Yahoo! Messenger), founded by former U.S. Surgeon
    General C. Everett Koop, went public in June

    The annual report said, ``We have received a report
    from our independent auditors for our fiscal year
    ended December 31, 1999, containing an explanatory
    paragraph that describes the uncertainty as to our ability
    to continue as a going concern due to our historical
    negative cash flow and because, as of the date they
    rendered their opinion, we did not have access to
    sufficient committed capital to meet our projected operating
    needs for at least the next twelve months.''

    the report, filed on Thursday, the company details a
    number of its revenue-generating operations, and says
    that its business is difficult to evaluate because of
    its extremely limited operating

    Shares of closed at 6 1/4 on Thursday, off a
    52-week high of 45 3/4, up slightly from a low of 5 1/4.

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    • your post about ivil in chapter 11 could be viewed as slander! It will be forwarded to ivil's home office.

      • 1 Reply to moorelu
      • The article was focused on "content only" sites,
        exactly the same type of BS that Ivillage blows. The
        reality is that the days of, and how did they say it,
        hope and hype nonsense, are long gone. Anyone with a
        few working brain cells can clearly see the horrible
        fate that awaits companies such as Ivillage. They
        continue to lose cash at a staggering rate, and frankly,
        per Ivillage's latest financials, Ivillage will be
        cash-broke by the 4th quarter of this year. With the growing
        number of internet failures increasing each week, by the
        time Ivillage is broke, the momentum against
        internet-only companies will be incredible. No one in their
        right mind would touch a company like this, long term.
        Shorting it only makes sense, and that won't change until
        they close their doors.