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  • j971 j971 Jan 22, 2000 11:47 AM Flag

    free IPRP to shareholder

    I heard alsc can't sell any of the Internet
    Routing Processor, they couldn't even give them away. May
    the shareholder on this board should petition free
    sample as souvineur for ALSC's internet expansion.

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    • Beino reported om SI, the share value
      taxes is $31-32. Even with a 40% hit for taxes
      is a $19+ stock.
      Remember, Windows2000 debuts
      next month and
      requires 128MB RAM, as I understand
      it. Not
      that ALSC sells alot of 64MB chips, but if
      64MB chips have double demand, then ALSCs
      chips may be ganged as a 64MB replacement when
      are in short supply.
      Stuff rolls downhill, ya

      • 2 Replies to cranial_amputee
      • (Techy here) At my shop (8th largest bank in the
        world) we toss 64MB chips out the window. Server systems
        now come std with 64 meg chips but only have a
        limited number of memory slots. that means we have to get
        rid of the 64's to make room for the 128 MB chips. I
        can't see why someone would buy 64mb chips in the 1st
        place. 64+64=128 128mb chips sell for twice as much as
        the 64mb chips. The end result is the same cost with
        less room used in the system. Also Windows2000 BASE
        memory need is 128MB. Real world systems are goind to
        need 512MB to 1Gig of ram. Good time to own memory

        Hope this helps, Tom

      • Well, I went to DC last week and dumped all my
        ALSC at 17 and RMBS at 90 just in case there was a
        market meltdown while I was on the road. Missed the run
        to 19, but now it's fallen to 16.25. So now the
        question is, do I get back in? Seems to be some DRAM
        supply overhang, and Q1 is historically
        thinking of waiting for a few weeks, seeing how the Taiwan
        presidential election shakes out, maybe hop in at the end of
        March if the price is not too bad.UMC stock is
        performing weakly as of late - jitters over the election?
        Everything else is going great guns.

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