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  • calltheco calltheco Jun 29, 2000 11:20 PM Flag

    SRAM Price Declines

    ALSC shareholders -- ignore the decline in spot market SRAM pricing at your own peril. ALSC's stock price should return to single digits.

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    • ... thank you very much for your perspective. i,
      like you, am not "up" technically speaking on the chip
      business, so that's why i was asking the question in the
      first place. because i am asking some of the questions
      i am, from some of the other postings, it appears
      some are characterizing me as a short which couldn't
      be further from the truth. i, like everyone on this
      board and others in general, should be continually
      re-evaluating his/her current investments to ascertain whether
      they represent (to the best of one's research
      capability) the best chance for further growth. that's all i
      am doing with alsc right now ... again, thank you
      for your opinion on this matter ... i haven't been
      able to get anyone else to post any opinion on the
      technical side of alsc and how it stacks up to its

    • JP, I am not even close to an expert in the
      technical question on chips and have to rely on what others
      in the field have told me plus what I

      It would appear that ALSC, at least in the past, has
      been a company to rely on cheap production rather than
      cutting edge when it comes to chips.

      This appears
      to be nearly their downfall over the bad 3 year
      At present, I am told, they are trying to get more
      into the thick of new technology. I do not know this
      for a fact, merely what a few friends have told me.
      The jury seems to be out in this regards. I suspect
      that the reception for the flash memory may give us a
      clue as to the future.

      I am also told they tend
      to look more at cost of engineers and developing
      than quality of same. Again, that is hearsay.
      suspicion is that as long as chip cyles are not to long on
      the famine side ALSC will be able to grow and prosper
      with this conservative bent.

      If chips go into
      another protracted slump, which I do not believe will
      happen as the chip world moves further away from a one
      product world (P.C.s), then ALSC could suffer again,
      though having the resources to see them through the hard

      People talk up the investments because they are a value
      added attraction. For instance, Lucent obviously made
      ATT more attractive when it was part of ATT and
      Hughes adds to the value of GM at present.

      this is an opinion, and probably worth the cost. I am
      sure there are others with better knowledge than me. I
      do try to look at things from an investment angle.
      As I said before, I am long ALSC.


    • There are obvious shorts here, which attracts

      Shorts are getting desperate...when they atart saying
      things like, "big deal the company is going to blow out
      earnings estimates" or "the market is not rewarding ALSC
      for its assets" you realize how rediculous this

      ALSC has about a billion is cash, with a pipeline to
      more via other successful investments, they have a
      VERY FAST growing core business (you go Reddy!), and a
      stock price that HAS INDEED started to reward ALSC's
      assets. These short termers are miffed because the stock
      retraces 30% of a 100% move it made in the prior month or
      so. I guess I'd be a bit frustrated too if I chased
      the stock into the 30s. This stock was under $10 a
      year ago. I call a 200% gain in a year, a nice move
      and a good reward for loyal shareholders. Now, with
      the core business hitting its stride in a high growth
      boom market to go along with their impressive
      portfolio, ALSC is in position to eclipse that 200% mark
      substantially. I look at ALSC as the CMGi of the semiconductor

      Don't be fooled by shorts, ALSC is a winner folks...I
      am reloading on this retracement. This thing's gonna
      run into earnings.

    • for ALSC per
      dj references a link.
      Mean est. now $.77 up from $.69 !^)

    • ... my question recently has and will continue to
      be: if alsc were to spin-off its investments into a
      separate stock issue, would the semi side of the company
      have the products (now and ones in development) to be
      a real player in the semi-sector. It seems like the
      majority of people talking up alsc later only talk about
      the performance of alsc's various holdings - it's
      definitely been adding to the company's bottom line in terms
      of assets, but it's definitely not been benefitting
      the shareholders in terms of price valuation like it
      would if it was a spin-off "venture fund" if you will.
      what is your opinion of alsc as a chip company
      exclusive of their venture holdings? thanks for your time
      and opinions ... jp

    • **If the Company does not receive an exemption
      from the SEC, the Company would be
      required to
      register under the Act as a closed-end management
      **The Company continues to focus its effort
      in selling in the non-PC market. Net
      sales to
      non-PC segments of the market, such as
      telecommunications, networking,
      datacom and consumer in fiscal
      2000 accounted for approximately 56% compared
      approximately 52% during fiscal 1999 and 25% in fiscal

      **At March 31, 2000, the Company had approximately
      $34.8 million in cash and cash
      equivalents, an
      increase of $28.6 million from March 31, 1999; and
      $615.9 million in net working capital, an increase of
      approximately $593.8
      million from approximately $22.1
      million at March 31, 1999.
      **In June 2000, the
      underwriter of the secondary offering
      released the Company
      from the lock-up, and the Company started selling some
      its shares. The Company does not own a material
      percentage of the equity of


    • **International revenues accounted for
      approximately 59%, 50% and 41% of net
      revenues in fiscal
      2000, 1999 and 1998, respectively

      fiscal 2000, the Company sold 275,600 shares
      Broadcom stock
      *of March
      31, 2000, Alliance
      Ventures I, whose focus is investing in networking
      communication start-up companies, has invested $22.3 million in
      10 companies,
      **Alliance Ventures II, whose focus
      is in
      investing in internet start-up ventures,
      has invested approximately $4.4 million
      in 8
      companies, from a total fund allocation of $15 million. As
      of March 31,
      2000, Alliance Ventures III, whose
      focus is investing in emerging companies in
      networking and communication market areas, has invested $2
      million in one
      company, from a total fund allocation
      of $100 million.

    • Maybe Needham now has enough shares to sell to
      their clients at a higher price next week. (after the



      that the price walked up very little on the second
      buy. MM may be having a field day with this one.

      10-K (Annual Report) with
      the United States
      Securities and Exchange Commission.

      Click on the
      following hyperlink to view this

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