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  • j971 j971 Jun 30, 2000 9:53 AM Flag

    SRAM Price Declines

    Reddy brothers are planning to sell.

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    • ALSC favored by Bear Stearns, but . . .
      clocksdoc (M/Reno, NV)
      6/29/00 5:06 pm
      Msg: 8828
      of 8884
      an anonymous poster who calls himself
      stretcharmsoverheadanddownmyback says you better sell.

      No links to
      information, just FUD being spread. I wonder who is more

      Reddy holds 7,478,250 shares and
      stretcharmsoverheadanddownmyback says the sky is falling because Reddy sells
      shares in May.

      Get a life

      Anyone who has concerns, should read "The anatomy
      of a basher on the ALLIANCE'S ALLIES page. It is on
      the top right,
      third link down:

      • 2 Replies to clocksdoc
      • We have had an interesting day so far. Looks like
        MM took out stop loss orders down to 23(very
        interesting). I bought 500 more shares today at 24 5/8. If we
        close above $25 then it really appears we have a double
        bottom here. Could be hitting $30 again in early July!!
        If not there should be very little down side left.
        Very few sellers left. There was a big block of 25000
        shares put up earlier at 24 7/8 and when we get through
        that by days end then $25 will definetly be the
        bottom. Good luck all longs!!!

      • **The Company believes that the die sizes (the
        physical sizes of its complete,
        unpackaged, memory
        circuits) of many of its products are smaller than those
        competing products, providing the Company with a key
        competitive advantage.
        **The Company has sampled the 8
        Mbit product with access
        times as fast as 80ns, and
        has achieved functional silicon on 4 Mbit product.
        date, the Company has not derived significant revenue
        from flash memory
        **While the Company
        plans on continuing its
        effort to produce an IPRP
        product, there can be no assurance that the Company
        or will do so.

        **During fiscal year 2000, the
        Company moved
        all of its SRAM production out of
        Taiwan. The Company intends to sell its
        remaining SRAM
        inventory that was manufactured in Taiwan outside the

    • One could only hope the Reddys would sell. In
      that case this stock would be to 60 overnight. If you
      think 20, then you must be short max including the
      kids...Good luck...hope you dont get caught with a gap up...I
      already have kids of my own.
      In the meantime I am very
      comfortable with my 15k @ avg price of 25