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  • bulwinkle99 bulwinkle99 Jul 18, 2000 1:07 PM Flag

    NAS looking for a reason to sell off

    both yesterday, and today, IMO. I thought the
    early a.m. sell-off yesterday morning (right after
    market opened) would deepen, but obviously good earnings
    from key companies reversed this to a modest gain.
    Now, a tiny bit of inflation-implicated data this
    a.m., and we see a strong sell-off, taking ALSC with
    it. So, ALSC is quite reactive to NAS downturns
    during the past few weeks. Also, I don't see the news
    announcement of last evening reversing this sensitivity today
    or tomorrow. I agree with others that the
    man-from-Hitachi hire was quite a big deal, but I don't think the
    investment community even took notice. This stock just isn't
    followed that closely. However, the announcement should
    have been held over to the date of earnings release,
    for maximal impact/exposure, IMO.

    Short term,
    it will take .13+ to move the stock past 30, IMO,
    plus a great news write-up that hints at great things
    for the coming quarter. Certainly, Needless-sham's
    downgrade hurt ALSC more than I thought it would. Only an
    upgrade next month could be the ticket to a new base of
    30. For the remainder of the week however, we will be
    highly reactive to nervous investors who will sell-off
    in an instant, to preserve 4 days of good NAS

    In short, I'm not expecting much right
    now from ALSC, for the rest of the week (no earnings
    announcement pre or post-run up). Long, but still a tad
    disappointed. Like Old Faithful, the steam has temporarily gone
    out of this one and needs to rebuild.


    Off to a friend's ranch on the Bitteroot River in
    Montana this Thursday, so farewell until next week.

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    • You are not by any chance flyfishing on the Bitterroot are you? I am heading up to Northern Montana in Aug. for that reason. Have a good time! FT

      • 1 Reply to float_tuber
      • there. Should have left this a.m, but a few last
        minute things keep coming up. A friend has immediate
        family who run a large ranch through which the Bitteroot
        runs (in the Darby area) I'm very excited about the
        opportunity to fly fish relatively untouched, private waters.
        Visited the Beaverhead last summer and it was a zoo.

        Be interested in swapping stories after you complete
        your trip.

        Truly, there really is very little
        difference between religion and flyfishing.


    • ALSC should drop, don't see any good news ahead for this low grade company.

    • ALSC is performing relatively well on a generally
      weak day for NASDAQ and semi stocks. Merrill Lynch's
      quantitative analysts reduced their weighting for chip and
      chipmaker stocks. That has triggered profit-taking today
      even among companies like Novellus and Lattice that
      have substantially beat estimates.

      ALSC has
      held up pretty well, and I think it will continue to
      outperform the sector. ALSC will have a strong earnings
      report with lots of forward-looking positives around the
      new communications division. The company's high
      liquid asset value will make it particularly attractive
      as they begin to develop in this new direction.
      Whether through acquisitions picked from among its
      venture companies or joint ventures with partners wanting
      to take advantage of Alliance's excess production
      capacity, there should be an abundance of positive news
      moving into 2H00.

      I picked up a few more shares
      on the dip today.

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