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    • thanks for your thoughts and recommendation to check out what ExecMD might have to say. I will go through his posts over on DPAC.



    • <EOM>

    • Boy, Dallas without A/C in summer is like Casper,
      Wyo. without heat in January --- not fit for man nor

      We are looking to buy a house in the MO. Ozarks this
      fall, so I might be a neighbor soon.

      Have my
      annual physical Friday so I will miss the fireworks. I
      am not sure that if ALSC posted blow away numbers
      much would happen.

      My IDTI was the only "good
      number" company to actually go up on news. The market is
      screwy right now.


    • IMO DPAC is similar to ALSC or ISSI
      I like their 'high density'
      concept/products. Someday there will
      arise a large need for
      these units,
      like a chip HDD on a PCI card,
      I've followed them for about a year,
      when ExecMd
      bought in at about $4+.
      At that time I considered
      them too
      new/risky, plus I was/am out of
      They seem to be doing well, but I
      don't know how to
      value them, since I
      only read the chart,and didn't
      do any
      fundamental analysis.
      Personally, I'll
      wait for the next
      cycle to evaluate them for a
      investment, hopefully in the single
      Ask ExecMd
      on the DPAC board, if he's
      still there. He always
      seemed know-
      ledgeable and reasonable.

    • Rules:

      <<So what price are you
      waiting for to sell the covered calls?>>

      don't know yet. We are reaching critical mass on
      shortages of selected memory devices in the Dallas market.
      Distribution is getting only 30 day price protection on their
      orders, if that. Buyers are loading up OEMs with long
      term commitments to insure supplies. There is no
      excess fab capacity anywhere, especially for lower
      priced devices. Inventory pipelines are empty since
      everyone builds to JIT forecast.

      To sum up, the
      memory market is sold out. The proverbial s--t is about
      to hit the fan.

    • smarter. They moved on further west. It's hotter
      than hell here in Dallas today. I was looking at new
      houses and most had no A/C. It was not pleasant. Trying
      to spend some of my ALSC gains and also keep this
      economy going or IE. Perhaps the excessive Texas heat is
      harming our friend j971.

      Let's hope the selloff
      in NAS will come to an end. The good thing about
      ALSC reporting earnings tomorrow, is that all the big
      guns have already announced (MSFT, INTC, IBM, IDTI,
      CY, etc..). We might actualy attract more attention
      with all those guys out of the way. And if there is
      more selloff tomorow, Friday will be rebound time. We
      may have to touch 4000 on NASDAQ before resuming the

      Buy some oil stocks, particularly the majors, like
      XOM, etc.. their numbers will be really


    • People from Texas are smart.


    • heavy sell tomorrow.

    • efforts. If only there was a way to
      make a
      buck off the time I spend
      surfing for
      But, since I'm unemployed I may as
      well do
      something useful for myself
      BTW, I checked out the Corning Cable
      job and it's
      on the other side of the
      Metroplex from me. Too
      far to com-
      mute daily. Thanks for the lead tho'.

    • Alsc is so weak, it is dropping every
      hour. People who hold this are losing. I think Al said alsc is worth $58, this is total BS, just trying to hype the stock.

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