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  • ArtII_1999 ArtII_1999 Oct 17, 2002 10:18 AM Flag

    Oh nevermind. Huge volume

    Over 2M for AMD and 22M for Intel already.

    It don't look too good. A lot more people wanting to sell than I expected.

    Is there some sort of bad economic news out there? I haven't seen any yet. I guess I'll turn on the TV.

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    • no
      AMd will survive as long as, say a 2700+ is cheaper than a PIV 2700. That's how consumers see it.

      But IF Intel outpaces AMD#s TPI rating with real MHZ by too much, say by 20%, then Intel can dramatically lower pricing of its lower speed grades. And that will kil AMD.

      I'd have to look into Intels roadmap at this point.


    • percentages???

      20% ALWASY beats 11%!!!!!!


    • Like I said, you can't only use percentages.
      You need to look at the big picture such as how much stock you own and how much capital you invested.

      It's pretty obvious that you'll get a better return on your investment on a $5 stock with %80 return when you compare that with a $100 stock with a 6% return assuming that you own 1000 shares with each company.

    • Ok, you go by the numbers and I'll use the % to determine the performance of stocks.

      if a 5$ stock goes up 4$ and a 100$ stock goes up 6$, which is the better performer?

    • wow this guy is an idiot...

      You have to commit $6600 to buy 100 shares of ibm... and only $350 to buy amd.

      If you spend $5000 on each you made way more money (twice as much) on AMD. Furthermore... AMD has legs because they surprised with FORWARD GUIDANCE...

      This sanderstheparrot thinks the way to buy/sell is to use a fixed lot size? i.e. 100 shares for each no matter what the cost?

      OUCH what an idiot!

      Hey sanders... i hope when you dollar cost average you don't always buy the same lot size, becuase your return is not the same as someone who does it right and spends the same amount of money each month.

    • The percentages are relative to the stock price at the previous close. Look at the stock price and compare the increases.

      AMD is up 70 cents (20%)
      IBM is up $7 dollars (11%).

      Would you rather have a 70 cents increase or a $7 increase. Of course it also depends on how much stock you have with each company too.

      Don't look at percentages alone as a measurement of gain or loss. It's all relative. You also need to look at the actual numbers.

      It's sad to see that some people solely rely on the percentages. Big mistake when investing in the market.


      sanderstheparrot is a born again IDIOT.

      The chart says it all. Plainly. Simply. A shitload of people sold this stock SHORT yesterday banking on bad news after intel's report... ibm had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE OPEN AT $4.87!

      Those intel loving pee-ons got butt raped by their own company. And you know what? They will come back for more... and more... because that is what true diehards do!

    • OK, I thought they had released this morning before the bell.
      But assuming that IBM is the reason, why is AMD up 22% while IBM is up only 11%? normally a sector stock that is pulled along on coat-tails doesn't have the same gain or loss as the primary mover.

    • IBM announced their earnings yesterday after the close about the sametime as AMD. Since AMD already prewarned, the bad news was already factored in the stock price.

    • Why then was AMD up in after-hours trading yesterday right after the earnings release and all through the CC? All of that was before IBM.

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