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  • csom_1991 csom_1991 Jul 19, 2003 7:52 PM Flag

    Just back from COSTCO

    Just got back from Costco, and was surprised to see AMD almost completely off the shelves. Out of the 5 laptops displayed, all were Intel - including a 17' screen model from Toshiba. As for desktops, they had 1 PR2200+ and the rest were Intel. I think it is pretty obvious why AMD is dead, they have lost their one market - low end consumer boxes.

    Also, I found the new Nforce3 benchmarks over at amdzone pretty amazing. The 3200+ vapor chip from AMD gets stomped by the P4 in just about every test by a very wide margin. Consumers are not stupid and they are turning away from AMD. Too bad for you bagholders the Hammers are so completely slow and worthless that loss after loss will continue until Chapter 11.

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    • Great value system.

    • Rubbish.

      The fact that IBM, SUN and MSFT, not to mention Toms Hardware kissing AMD tail, is a sure sign this fall is about Hammer/Athlon64.

      Keep trying short pants.

    • Csom, it might interest you to know a little secret about most of the merchandise Costco sells from someone who worked for them 10 years ago-

      Outside of their own brands, several product catagories like the clothing and electronics they sell are remnants from stock the manufacturers have been unable to sell at full retail.

      You get limited quantities at closeout prices because those certain products were unsellable at full retail.

      So keep boasting, its funny from my perspective.

    • "Just got back from Costco"

      forget Costco, go to Walmart.......they have an outstanding selection of AMD products....they offer three desktops: emachines XP2300, and two Compaq packages.

      Even better they offer a HP Laptop, with the AMD XP2200-M chip, packaged with the HP1210 all- in-One printer, and the printer cable, for $ deal anywhere, if they keep it in stock. The elecronics manager in my Walmart, said he averages delivery of three per day, and they are usually soldout same day

    • Too bad even COSTCO can't sell that junk, huh?


    • you were just seeing the remains or leftovers. basicly the crap even costco couldnt get rid of. they will re-stock near end of summer. then you will see the AMD machines. but do hurry they will be sold out quickly and all you will have left to choose from will be more of that itfell crap again. probably celeries and such.

      bye,bye intel


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      • it's called lack of supply. I did not hear anything in aMD conference call that they were targeting Costco. I just think that there isn't enough of the aMD crap to even get to a box and on a shelf at Costco. Yields must be suffering something terrible. How is Fishkill running?

      • "you were just seeing the remains or leftovers. basicly the crap even costco couldnt get rid of. they will re-stock near end of summer"

        Wow, AMD is still selling everything they can make then! The profits must be soaring! Oh, that's right, they just reported their 8 consecutive loss and sales down 15% from the 1st quarter. Time to take your head out of your ass so you can see the light. AMD has lost shelf space as retailers only want to put out a product that is actually going to sell. On the shelf was a 3.2GHz P4 and couple of others ranging from about 2.8GHz and up. AMD had a 2200+ Athlon. I think it is pretty clear what is left over inventory.

        As for AMD's zero presence in mobile - well, it is never good when you do not have a product for the fastest growing segment of the market. Rather than wasting time on the Opteron, AMD should gone after an extremely low power mobil chip. These chips sell in the $300-$600 range and the Asian OEM's would actually consider buying chips from AMD rather than the server market where AMD is like a leper. Then again, the aim high and fall devastatingly short has always been AMD's business model.

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