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  • opusgator opusgator Sep 26, 2003 7:05 PM Flag

    the rich get richer

    In the united states, everyone has the opportunity to get rich.

    If you look at the Forbes magazine article, two companies account for 8 of the top 10 slots. The heirs of Sam Walton (Walmart) occupy five of the top 10 spots on the chart. and the Microsoft clan (Gates, Balmer, and Paul Allen) occupy three more

    Lets say the top two families (the Waltons and the microsoft clan) in the US decide its no longer worth the hassle to operate in the US

    Walmart employs over one million people. So what would happen if walmart decided to shut down all of their stores tomorrow???

    One million employees unemployed.

    If Microsoft decides that it no longer wishes to fight the gov't over antitrust issues, and decides to shut down till all issues are resolved.

    I don't know how many employees are affected, but it would be hard for Dell, Hp, IBM, or any other computer company to sell a system without an OS.

    Millions of more unemployed.

    Where would the country be without these two groups of billionaires

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    • Was that an attempt to defend billionaires?

      I say, take their money and buy health care for everyone. I say, take their money and buy everyone in the nation a college education. I say, take their money and invest in clean air, clean water and clean energy. We can give Bill an achivement award with thanks. Thats what I feel about Bill gates.

      He just gave New York Schools something like 50 million. Wow! What is 50 billion takeaway 50 million anyways?

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      • "I say, take their money and ..."

        If the government took Bill Gates' fortune it would be wasted in a heart beat. If the government took all the rich peoples' money, businesses would go bankrupt due to lack of incentive and leadership followed by the poor once again becoming poor.

        Why do you liberal Democrats have so much confidence in the government? Answer: you don't, you just want to take someone else's money without working for it.

        It's the age old struggle of the haves versus the have-nots. The have-nots want what the haves have. The haves don't want to give up what they have. If the have-nots get what the haves have then they will become the new haves and the haves will become the have-nots.

        Taken to its fullest extent one has to question who the have-nots are. The poor in the US want what the rich have. The poor in other nations want what the US has.

        So the poor nations say exactly what you said, "We say, take their money and ...".

        So why don't you give your money to the poor in Africa to set a good example of what you are preaching! Otherwise I'm not giving you a dime.

    • nothing is wrong with getting rich, as long as you pay taxes. These scam artists don't pay their fair share. There was a report that came out a few months ago that said several thousand millionaires pay no taxes at all last year. None.

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