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  • yahoo yahoo May 2, 2005 9:34 AM Flag

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    • value...and probably short term AMD will benefit
      by K7 if production and quality goals reached(IF
      SANDERS delivers).

      However, constant NEGATIVE cash
      flows are significant problem. Creditors aren't going
      to wait much longer... like

      If K7 product is screwed up . poor yields and
      delivery, PC Box makers are not going to be jerked around
      continually, COMPAQ is even marketing more CELERONS lately as
      K6-III is in short supply and has not replaced K6-2 or
      Celeron market. GATEWAY may abort due to unreliable
      supply and confidence AND DELL is no where to committing
      to AMD at this time.

      K7 wins, or Some white
      knight buys out the company and strips out the keepers
      and closes out the unprofitable segments. That
      scenario only loses share value in the buyout for AMD
      shareholders. I'm betting on some stock appreciation due to the
      fanfare and distribution of K7, and hopefully cashing out
      with some reasonable gains.

    • Wicked Awesome Prediction Man. Maybe you can go
      buy a new Doulie Truck with all of the money you are
      going to make shorting AMD. And then you can drive all
      of your hillbilly friends over to the dairy farm to
      tip some cows over while listening to some Journey or
      AC/DC. You can then take your son on a "field trip" to
      the poor house. Please don't provide your 10 year old
      with any more Wicked Awesome investment advice. You
      New Englanders are so remote from the goings on in
      the Silicon Valley, you should just invest in
      companies you know like Apollo Computer or Digital
      Equipment or Cabletron. Oh that's right, those companies
      are being run by a bunch of Silicon Valley wannabees
      such as yourself and they all suck. Apollo was bought
      by HP, DEC was bought by Compaq, and nobody wants to
      buy Cabletron.

      Mark my words. AMD will post
      gains tomorrow. And in August when every major vendor
      announces Athlon machines (with the exception of maybe Dell
      until the fourth quarter), we'll see if your son has
      any money left for college.


    • First, As of today, I own 1000 shares of AMD @17
      5/8 (for a poor guy with three kids, that's a

      Second, I think AMD has the potential to take over the
      high end market, which will increase it's status to
      even the low end market, which will allow it to
      compette with INTC on price in ALL MARKETS (Intel inside
      will mean second best).

      Third, When I looked to
      upgrade at home, I purchased a K6 350MHZ AMD, and glad I
      did because it has been working GREAT! AMD is the
      best value on the market, Intel is just a well known
      name like NIKE, and you know their story.

      luck to all LONG on AMD, the Shorts will be off the
      board tomorrow when they loose their shorts (pun


    • he hasn't been too far off in predicting AMD's
      fate. He's totally pro-Intel mainly because they are
      big and make money. Now, I'm not saying that he
      doesn't have a smart ass mouth, but we all have faults.
      His are that he's unkempt, ugly, and has that mouth.
      On the flip side, he's been very close in ASP

      Having said all that, I also found it interesting that
      Kumar admitted AMD may be on the verge of a
      turn-around. Of course, he goes on to say that since Atiq
      resigned that AMD's in big trouble, blah blah blah. He
      acts like Atiq was in there making chips or that he
      was the lead designer, etc. If you can spot and
      ignore the anti-AMD "personality" in Kumar's statements,
      the remainder is positive for AMD.

    • it's good to be the k7 baby...yeah! it's groovy, it's hot
      shagadelic baby. it's my kind of bag baby. the k7 will kick intel's heini baby. there's no doubt baby....yeah!!!!!

    • AMD is not APPL 18 months ago, it is the

      Titanic 18 minutes before it hits the iceberg.
      Steve Jobs came over to AMD, and that monkey
      Jerry Sanders quit, AMD might have a chance.

      you know how many posts I have read over the
      6 months stating that K7 would save the
      So many of these people must believe in the
      fairy also.


    • You don't know what you are talking about. AMD
      has responded, do you understand the word response?.
      They follow INTEL's cuts until the end when they just
      couldn't go any lower. At the same price to OEM, OEM buys
      INTEL. Do you understand the concept or is it too
      difficult for you?.
      Sooo they have to be 15-30% cheaper
      when offering a similar solution. Intel made money as
      a whole. Not with the celeron. Die size in Celeron
      is huge compared to K6. INTEL didn't make a dime on
      the Celeron line. So INTEL earnings were slightly
      lower than the lowest estimates, big deal. It doesn�t
      hurt them a bit. Way worth the damage impose on the

      Please think twice what you write for this has been
      discussed already and I don't feel like explaining it every
      time a pimp comes aboard.

    • However the development team remains intact, and
      IS SIGNIFICANTLTY BETTER than Intel's. Doesn't say
      much about AMD's manufacturing team though.

      K7 approach is the right approach for AMD. Selling a
      few of the K7's will more than makeup for the
      millions of low-end k6's.
      and will make AMD

      AMD should not go for the whole enchilada, but
      gradually make inroads into Intel, and keep a SLIGHT
      pressure on Intel's ASP's.

      Intel's CRACKS are
      widening. They are playing with accounting to show better
      results. Their product lines are all delayed. Another year
      of even the slightest pressure, and Intel will

      The K7 rules BABY

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