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  • bbbl67 bbbl67 Nov 16, 2005 1:46 PM Flag

    announce: newsgroup created!!!

    Usenet newsgroup for discussion of AMD stock and company news is now available!

    Here's the description:
    alt.invest.stocks.amd Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) stock chat

    Now this newsgroup won't just appear in all news servers automatically, so you have to request it from your ISPs (i.e. bug them to carry it). Let them know that it is now officially listed in list:

    Once its on a critical mass of news servers, then it will automatically be put on Google Groups, and then all is gravy -- anybody can access it from that point on whether their ISP's local news server carries it or not!

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    • I didn't find it in's newsgroups, but I wrote them a request!

      For those who haven't worked with a newsgroup reader, it will not limit you to a page of 50 or so posts like Yahoo. Also, the posts won't be all mixed.

      It will download all the subject lines that are available at once. No need to wait on a slow server to deliver page after page. Then you can scroll the list just like email. There is no "single source" because news is propogated across many *professional* servers. (I'm not sure you can call Yahoo's recent behaviour very pro.)

      The news is organize as a "tree" where each main subject gets one entry in the list and all replies are collapsed "under" that entry.

      Don't like the subject "Bush suxors"? Just don't look any further than the one header, no matter how many people have responded. Want to read the latest estimates for quarterly report? Expand that heading and see all of them instantly.

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