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  • squitty_pigeon squitty_pigeon Jun 5, 2006 7:49 PM Flag

    You Americans are great.

    Many of you have not the slightest clue what is happening in the outside world. I can see that there are some honourable exceptions, but the utter ignorance and xenophobia I read on this board is breathtaking!

    You are led by the nose by your clueless media and actually think you know what is happening out there. Ever wondered about the amount of money you taxpayers are funding to covertly trash and alienate numerous decent countries?

    Fall of an empire I reckon. Listen and learn. It's not too late.

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    • We were scheduled to slip into a cyclical mini-iceage this century. The forces behind global warming overpowered this trend. I'm afraid we've screwed over our children and grandchildren. BTW, I do consider myself a conservative, however the truth knows no political boundaries.

    • home ownership is over 70% and at all time highs......

      life is good, unless you're a demoncrap

      Over the weekend, Hillary pushed an idea that the speed limit should be lowered to 55 MPH to save fuel, and then today her motorcade was clocked doing 84 MPH.......


    • The drivers I farm out work to ....are making 90-100k per year.....longish hours but recent immigrants who love the work


    • '''''''''''''''''
      Torture?? Get off your high horse. I mean playing rock music or som
      sure, loud music. that's why the presidizzle has said he is not bound by the Geneva Convention or US law regarding torture. And that is why we turn prisoners over to rock and roll lovers like the Egyptians and Jordanians, so they can listen to Poison or Metallica.

      You're the type that would be first to scream.

      You probably know that professional interroagators don't use torture because the results are very unreliable. Hurt someone enough and they will tell you anything to make the torture stop. Doesn't matter if it is true just as long as the torture stops.

      Expanding Medicare??
      Please, tell me health care in the US has not completely broken down. Look at the facts:
      we spend over twice as much per person on health care in the US as the do in the rest of the industrialized world, yet we have forty five million without insurance; US infant mortality rates are better in Greece, etc etc etc . So where does it all go? Paperwork - in southern California, a patient might belong to anyone of 15,000 different health plans, so imagine keeping track of what is covered and not, each insurance company has a beauracracy to deny claims....

      Global warming - the artic ice pack has shrunk by 30% in 25 years. High atmospheric CO2 means high temps, and C02 is now at the highest levels in 650,000 years.

      What are we doing about it? You going to Mardi Gras this year?

      Do YOU know anything about FEMA? I don't think you do. Well, they used to be one of the highest rated Fed agencies, until 2000. About the time the surplus started to disappear

    • Here's how you handle FEMA. Its called personal responsibility

      When warned to evacuate, Do so. Buy you own supply of food and water, and provide for your own family. Its not the role of gov't to provide water and food to your family on day one, two, or three after the storm

      There is a reason that the majority of the people plucked off the roof tops were black.

      They are used to the gov't providing for their every need. and when the gov't didn't repsond as well as hoped, they were too dumb to walk out of the flood waters on their own.

      the sad point of the story is that they will repeat their own destruction when the next huricane strikes. They are too dumb or lazy to help themselves and their families, and their neighbors who need assistance

    • "
      You're all a bunch of shameless liars, especially when your hands are caught in the cookie jar."

      Wake Up danny boy, there isn't anyting in the d*mn 'Cookie Jar'!

      Oh, now Bush is a Demo?!!

      And you truly believe the Cookies are being spent here!? On Social Programs!!?

      OK right - Whatever you say bud...

      Just like the Market, Follow Da MONEY!!!

    • "yeah, but what do you libs have to offer...NOTHING!"

      Yes they do..Complaints. That's all Liberals do is complain.

      bull. how about eliminating torture as policy? working against nuclear proliferation, not building new nukes. expanding medicare to cover the increasing numbers without health insurance. rework the senior drug plan to negotiate prices with drug companies rather than just paying them full price. get some real conservation and alternative energy policies going, not just those that the oil companies wont be bothered by. Stop ignoring global warming - it's here. restore FEMA back to the top rated fed agency it was in 2000.

    • But Danny.......can you even IMAGINE what KERRY would have done/not done?....SCARY!

      Scarier is what dubya and the repuklicans have done - spent down a record surplus into a record deficit; the US now known for torture and outsourcing of torture; record trade deficits; tax cuts for the wealthy, benefits cuts for the poorest; senior drug program that benefits the drug companies at taxpayer expense; record oil profits, record gas prices; fewer with health insurance; congress has failed oversight of executive

    • Same shit, different assholes. Republicans may be responsible for this train wreck, but put the Democrats in charge and they'll just run it down a different track but into the same ravine.

      The money follows whomever is in power with no regard to ideology corrupting equally both sides of the aisle.

    • But the dittheads believe Bush is doin' a heckuva job.

      Can this nation get any more stupid? This is a gummit by and for retards.

      It's fucking embarrassing.

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