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  • wazzup92 wazzup92 Jun 5, 2006 9:32 PM Flag

    You Americans are great.

    Liberals are just "useful idiots" to the Islamic radicals. Thats why they like them, libs can't see they are terminal.

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    • Bush and the mix of Neo- and Theo- cons have been the useful idiots for Bin Laden in his stated goal to bankrupt America.

      While the Republicans waste tax dollars and time on frivolous and doomed politically-based ploys like Constitutional Amendments to ban Gay marriage, our great country's going south due to failing infrastructure, incompetent management, the exhorbitant cost of the war, increasing oil prices, and the destruction of the middle class. Every single poll reflects that the American people are aware of this and sick of it. Except for the 29% backwash drinkers like you.

      And why does the GOP (Greedy Old Perverts) want to move government oversight out of the boardroom and into the bedroom?

      Funny way to go about ensuring life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness.

      Our founding fathers would be oh so proud of this craven bunch masquerading as statesmen and leaders.

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