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  • dolphinswin02 dolphinswin02 Dec 12, 2006 10:10 PM Flag

    Institutions are done selling.

    They will not sell at this level at this time.
    There was no institutions according to the I watch site.
    This was a big reason for the volume being so low.
    Low volume after runs ususally indicates a bottom or top.
    I almost bought 2000 shares twice today but could pull trigger. It may go lower tomorrow. Unless something really big leaks out.
    At 20 I will have to really think about doubling down on my 22.5 calls for Jan. But it is getting close and AMD is not cooperating. if I do I will buy 2000 shares at that time as well.
    I may just go with the shares.
    I do know this. AMD should be at 30 not 20
    PE ratio is rediculous. Longs are getting hosed right now.
    I though G.S. was the only one that hated AMD I was wrong.
    Many do not like it. AND Most of these guys make a hell of a lot more money than I do on wallstreet.
    I am worried at this point to say the least.
    I am sticking to my guns and Hoping that the execs have not been lying about all the good news that has come out.
    It is time for them to make it stick on Thurs.

    Bottom line is AMD will not move unless there is some serious buying going on. We need upgrades, and big ones at that. So far this week is setting up for a late week rally. I hope, really hope AMD leads this rally.
    Good Luck Longs and Merry Christmas Yahoo board!

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    • Add up the volume from Oct. 16 to now. All those buys and sells, ALL were between 20-22. This is the cost basis for the brokerages now.

    • you shouldn't of bought 22.5 calls, you must be getting raped, if your going with calls, buy 20's and make it feburary because then you have an extra month for this to pop, i think AMD goes up a lot its a question of when not if, i think this stock will be back at 26 its too cheap, AMD is not losing market share, its now in Dell computers, and rumor has it Apple soon, its the #2 behind Intel, does it matter if its not as good as intel NO NO NO, intel has 10 times the size of AMD. MM's are crooks.

      Its obvious Tech is goign to go up with windows vista coming out in Jan, I betcha at earnings in Jan, CEO gives good guidance cuz of Windows Vista and AMD goes up

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