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  • p_l_u_s_c_a_r_d p_l_u_s_c_a_r_d Jun 2, 2008 6:30 PM Flag

    If AMD was really a bad stock...

    Would this many bashers work the boards this hard to run off new investors?

    Six month AMD chart:

    Historically, when the "basher index" hits these levels, AMD is about to make a big move.


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    • Why streek, I'm surprised at your behavior!

      Didn't you, in so many words, tell me earlier that I should ignore it if someone calls me names and just stick to stating my opinion? Why then would you get your feathers ruffled when someone lashes out at you?

      Because it simply doesn't feel good, does it?

      To be fair, I believe amdsuicide's comment was made in jest, but I rebuke it nonetheless in order to remain fair and unbiased. I will, however, take your advice and simply ignore the name calling in the future. ***Oh, on a side note, I do have to work at times, so I'm not able to rebuke someone instantly all the time.***

      Honestly, I'm simply here to judge the industry players and to make an investment. As such, I have to do homework on all the players in order to understand the business in which I invest and their competitors. In the coming days, I'll likely post topics that I find relevant to the matter at hand. Feel free to argue the counterpoint; I welcome it because it's through that type of discussion that one discovers the answers to questions he didn't know, and even raises things that you didn't know that you didn't know.

      Here's one to get things started: you remember how I kept repeating that selling a comparable prduct at a discounted price could actually hurt you (the whole name brand versus generic argument)? Well, I found this to be rather interesting:

      Dell's Web site backing away from AMD chips
      ( )

      "Dell has decided to stop selling most of its consumer notebooks that use Advanced Micro Device's chips on its Web site, promoting those systems instead through its new retail strategy.

      There are still a handful of AMD notebooks available on Dell's site, but only one Insprion system targeted at home users. On the business side, you now have to wade through several Dell Web pages before you stumble upon an AMD-based laptop. Two are available, a Vostro and a Latitude, and both are being promoted as small-to-medium business systems."


      "It's hard to see this as anything but a blow to AMD, which is coming off one of its worst years in recent memory. With these moves, Dell has positioned AMD's notebook chips as the budget-friendly alternative, which is never great for the brand."

      You may be right regarding AMD being cheaper across the board, but the follow-up question still that a good thing? Should AMD bring ASPs up to be more inline with Intel? If so, what does that do to unit sales?

      This is a good time to do some DD on consumer preferences and spending habits. Without that market research, you have nothing to go on.

      BTW, congrats on today's price jump.

    • "You are an irrelevant Wal-Mart polyester sock puppet."

      You mean to say that you are asking me why I'm name calling and personal attacks when this guy posts the above statement to any poster on AMD forum who is positive on AMD? How is this intelligent or of any relevance to AMD?
      I've given you my argument. AMD systems are less expensive than their Intel counterparts and run just as fast.
      Twist that any way you want to make it sound... but if you can't see why more people buy AMD then I can't help you.

    • Again, there you go with the name calling and personal attacks. Why? Why can't you attack the issues facing AMD with such vigor?

      People don't need to agree with me, and I think it would be a very boring world if they did. I enjoy a spirited debate; it is where I thrive. I've learned much by gathering facts to win the contest and I've learned much, much more when I lost to someone who was more prepared, more educated or more well-spoken.

      Don't kid yourself that I don't care to hear arguments that differ from my own -- just know that I'm going to come after you and you should be prepared to establish proof that validates those arguments/opinions. Isn't that what I've done in the last few days, and demonstrated how I went about doing it? As for positive posts about AMD, PLEASE BY ALL MEANS provide some that are supported by facts (facts that can be obtained by the public). I am eager to have a discussion regarding the questions I outlined in another post in the past hour, because it pertains to business strategy -- another area in which I derive great pleasure.

      No sir, it would seem as though you are the one who can't seem to stand it when people have differing opinions.

    • You are an irrelevant Wal-Mart polyester sock puppet.

      See, I didn't call you a tard?

    • "You will need to invest the time and effort to go do your facts gathering here so you can post your own opinion of "p_l_u_s_c_a_r_d" and his other ids."

      But yet, you don't care about other people's opinion.
      You've made it clear on many occasions if people don't agree with you or post a positive post for AMD they are tards.
      So people, if this guy's opinion matters to you.. just agree with everything he says.

      If you are a free thinker and don't mind being called tard, speak your mind.

      He's no better than a fascist who wants totalitarian rule over the AMD forum.

    • "You are wishing me to be 'civil' when I have not called you names, but yet.. you are able to thank someone who calls people 'tard' and 'f@&ktards' if he doesn't agree with them?"

      There's a big fallacy in that statement because the former part has nothing to do with the latter. I merely wish for you to be civil and not say things like "[y]ou didn't even read my post you idiot!" ( ) or "[o]k, one simple sentence for people who confuse easy" ( ).

      Those desires of mine with regard to your behavior have nothing to do with me thanking Plus for providing relevant information.


      "You are right, I can't have a civil discussion with you because you are clearly bias."

      You are correct there my friend; I am completely biased against behavior that detracts from the personal growth of others. I cannot stand it and I will always voice my displeasure when I see it.

    • No takers to the fallacy regarding total revenue? I would've thought I had to read through a few answers.

      Ok, so let's suppose that besides machine guts, Intel also engaged in software consulting. The fees that they collected from clients would also be included in the total revenue figure. Wouldn't be unfair to include those lucrative fees in the comparative analysis of per unit sales? We wouldn't be comparing apples to apples. There's the fallacy.

      The redirect would then be to dissect the income statements to only extract the amounts that are associated with manufacturing and selling computer guts. To that end, I've broken out the revenue numbers for Intel's Digital Enterprise Group (mainly focused on desktops, servers and the like) and the Mobility Group (focused on mobile machines such as laptops).

      The DEG was responsible for bringing in $20,340,000,000 in FY 2007(page 33 of annual report ), while the MG was responsible for $14,681,000,000 (page 34 of said report).

      Compare that to AMD's entire 2007 revenue number of 6,013,000,000 ( ), and you'll see that Intel's MG outsold the entire AMD company on a more than 2-to-1 margin.

      Now, we can further break out the numbers and simply compare microprocessor sales figures for both companies, but it's already a mute point based on the data provided to us by amdsuicidewatch ( ) and Pluscard ( ). I must again thank these two gentlemen for their contributions.

      The point of all this, guys, is to demonstrate that putting money into AMD is more akin to speculating rather than bona fide investing. I'm not going to say it's wrong (certainly not), but if you're argument is that the stock price is going to the moon, then you're misleading people and doing yourself a serious injustice. However, if you recognize the situation for what it is -- you're betting that management can (a) further reduce the unit sale margin between INTC and AMD, and (b) can effectively combat the intangible advantage that INTC is riding on, then you may, perhaps, stand to profit.

      Those are the sticking points that you want to publicly discuss if you hope to draw in additional investors. Simply saying that AMD is cheaper than INTC when the products are evenly matched is going to draw no one; people are still more willing to pay additional dollars for a name brand than a generic. Even in today's economy, name brand prescription drugs have a better pull on the psyche of the consumer than their generic cousins. People are also still willing to fill up those SUVs at $4 a gallon gas than fight to knock some sense into our elected officials to mandate alternative energy sources in a reasonable timeframe.

      So, how does AMD overcome those roadblocks? What products do they currently have (or will have) that will cause the per unit sales numbers to become more even? At what point does the Law of Diminishing Returns come into effect? Will they ever get to a 1-to-1 margin or should they settle for a 1.2-to-1 margin? Should they increase product prices now or later?

      So many avenues to explore and I'm not seeing any discussion around them yet.

    • "I just wish streeknine could be as civil. That's not a slam because I know he has something to contribute; I'm just interested in that he makes the contribution in a helpful fashion."

      You are wishing me to be "civil" when I have not called you names, but yet.. you are able to thank someone who calls people "tard" and "f@&ktards" if he doesn't agree with them?

      You are right, I can't have a civil discussion with you because you are clearly bias.

    • You can search the board for posts from "p_l_u_s_c_a_r_d" on AMD which are distorted, omit facts, and exagerate. When his posts are irrefutably challenged, he typically goes into hiding.

      You will need to invest the time and effort to go do your facts gathering here so you can post your own opinion of "p_l_u_s_c_a_r_d" and his other ids.

      I would caution you and everyone else not to reply of numbers provided by "p_l_u_s_c_a_r_d" at face value - he has no credibility with me, and I am sure he does not with many others on this board.

    • I should also add that it's very interesting that Plus' post last night is now rated at two stars. Seeing how his data supports your data (and vice versa), it's very interesting how his post could be rated at two stars.

      Is it people discrediting the post without actually reading it? Is it longs that just don't want to face the music? I don't know, but it goes to show how the whole message rating bit isn't very useful or accurately portrays the content of the message.

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