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  • zzyzx242 zzyzx242 Jan 23, 2009 9:41 AM Flag

    We Need AMD

    Well, at least I do for selfish reasons. AMD existence almost guarantees that Intel will keep the R&D department going 24/7. This will bring to the consumer better processors and competitive pricing. Without AMD what pressure will Intel have to create and reduce pricing?

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    • Would you pour 3B each year to support cash eating machine? It's all Hector's fault and no one is blaming him.

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      • Sacto,

        For every CPU sold there is a chipset that goes with it. I would imagine with the 45 NM process shrink Intel would be able to supply CPUs but the part that I am not sure of is chipset availability for those CPUs. Just two short years ago Intel second sourced chipsets to ATI at the tune of $275 million a quarter over half of AMD's total revenues per quarter. Nvidia takes up that slack today but ATI produces AMD chipsets. If AMD where to go away supplying 100% of CPUs and chipsets would be a chore for Intel and Nvidia without ATI.

        I was not saying that Intel could not do it, what I was saying only the top execs would know the truth about how much capacity Intel has when it comes to chipsets.

        You also have to remember that Atom is using Intel's oldest chipsets for its platform and Atom has generated $500 million in a 6 month period. This $500 million includes chipsets, so Intel must be going peedle to the metal when it comes to delivering Atom and its platform chipset.

    • Nope, we don't need AMD...AMD has reached VHS, BetaMax, and 8-track status.

      IBM will keep INTC pushing in the server space.
      NVIDIA will keep INTC pushing in the graphics space.
      VIA and TI will keep INTC pushing in the low-power/embedded space...not to mention, Apple continuing to make INTC innovate to meet their roadmaps and plans.
      Samsung and SanDisk will keep INTC pushing in the NAND/SSD space.

      Sorry, there is no longer a reason for AMD to exist. Nobody needs a second-source x86 manufacturer any longer, there are PLENTY of contract manufacturers that can meet the need.

    • In free market it's always survival of the fittest... it's AMD fault for not being able to remain competitive and making huge mistake by buying ATI when they shouldn't in the first place because they didn't and still don't have money!

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