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  • daysofshred2009 daysofshred2009 Mar 13, 2009 8:50 AM Flag

    OLPC’s XO 2 May Dump x86 in Favour or ARM


    x86 days are numbered...

    OLPC Organization Wants to Put ARM Microprocessor into Next-Gen XO Laptop.

    OLPC’s XO 2 May Dump x86 in Favour or ARM

    by Anton Shilov

    One Laptop Per Child organization is considering to dump x86 architecture microprocessors in favour of ARM architecture chips or even ARM-based system-on-chip designs in the next-generation XO laptop aimed at developing nations. While this could potentially trim costs and boost power consumption, this also means lack of compatibility with desktop Microsoft Windows operating system (OS).

    “We’re seeing some very impressive system-on-chip (SoC) designs that provide both fundamentally low-power demands and the kind of fine-grained power management in the XO-1. Our current XO-1 uses an average of 5W of power, and while most people think that’s amazingly low, we think it’s our biggest problem,” said Ed McNierney, chief technology officer at OLPC, in an interview with IDG News Service.

    There are a lot of low-power x86 microprocessors on the market nowadays: both Advanced Micro Devices and Intel Corp. now offer relatively high-performance chips with low thermal envelope. However, ARM processors consume even less and there is a number of promising SoC designs, such as Nvidia Tegra with DirectX 9-class programmable graphics core inside an ARM-based SoC, that consume even less with no apparent drawbacks.

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    • olpc better not make any longterm plans if they want to use amd ......

    • yeah sure ..... meanwhile most of the netbooks came with other OS and xp and now it just wasn't selling so its almost all windows.

    • Why wouldn't they just use an atom? It there a reason other than hubris why that would not be successful?


    • the OLPC being forced to compete now for processors, with Intel walking out and AMD not having a competitive product compared to the Intel Atom platform, is just as when the XO was first announced is trying to make noise. They get some idiot fanboys to write a piece saying once again the OLPC mobile PC will be all that.

      As we have seen from the failure of the initial XO, performance vs cost basis, the OLPC understood very little about the actual PC industry when it came to what people would pay for the performance they receive. The original XO had such poor performance not even the very low $200 price was not low enough to garner the revenues OLPC needed.

      Now we are talking about an ARM processor that has no ability to run full versions of Windows or Linux. Does these writers believe the consumers even in the poorest countries are ignorant of the software that are prevalent in richer countries? Are they saying that these countries do not need the same technology advantages of the richer countries.

      This article as written if approved by the OLPC shows tremendous contempt for the poor countries that the OLPC professes to serve. It is a modern day "let them eat cake" where OLPC failed on their first attempt to create a working laptop and now after this failure they propose and trumpet for all to hear an even weaker next generation version of the XO.

      I just thought of something that gave me a laugh, the OLPC Org using ARM, should stop trying to create a cheap laptop, when it is clear that a mobile phone would be cheaper to create and would have far less expected from it. Change one word and letter, the new name would be One Phone Per Child (OPPC)

    • "x86 days are numbered..."

      You are completely wrong, instead of X86 days nubmbered, it is OLPC program.

      • 1 Reply to rgao88
      • Day,

        After Nvidia has lost 60% of its revenues last quarter how with a straight face could you promote integrated graphics over discrete graphics? Nvidia garnered their rise to the billion dollar mark per quarter on the backs of SLI chipsets and the 8800 family of discrete GPUs not integrated graphics.

        Integrated graphics is something that is added to a cheap motherboard for $5 to $10 a pop. Excuse Intel for not going overboard when it comes to a product that garners at best of times, $10 additional monies per chipset and destroys your ASPs due to the fact that they are sold on low end Desktops and mobile systems.

        So what is it Day are you trying to convince the world that all that is needed is a integrated GPU from Nvidia and you are set? What happens to Nvidia's lineup of SLI chipsets and Discrete GPUs? It is clear that you are not an investor, or the last two quarters of huge revenue drops would have given you a clue, that you can not tell the difference between hype for a new product and which actual products are buttering Nvidia's bread.

    • "x86 days are numbered..."

      LMFAO...spoken like a true Nvidia disciple.

      Let me get this right, the demise of x86 is foretold because some non-profit no longer wants to put them in toy that about it?

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