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  • rgao88 rgao88 Mar 13, 2009 1:02 PM Flag

    OLPC’s XO 2 May Dump x86 in Favour or ARM

    "x86 days are numbered..."

    You are completely wrong, instead of X86 days nubmbered, it is OLPC program.

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    • Day,

      After Nvidia has lost 60% of its revenues last quarter how with a straight face could you promote integrated graphics over discrete graphics? Nvidia garnered their rise to the billion dollar mark per quarter on the backs of SLI chipsets and the 8800 family of discrete GPUs not integrated graphics.

      Integrated graphics is something that is added to a cheap motherboard for $5 to $10 a pop. Excuse Intel for not going overboard when it comes to a product that garners at best of times, $10 additional monies per chipset and destroys your ASPs due to the fact that they are sold on low end Desktops and mobile systems.

      So what is it Day are you trying to convince the world that all that is needed is a integrated GPU from Nvidia and you are set? What happens to Nvidia's lineup of SLI chipsets and Discrete GPUs? It is clear that you are not an investor, or the last two quarters of huge revenue drops would have given you a clue, that you can not tell the difference between hype for a new product and which actual products are buttering Nvidia's bread.

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      • why don't these arguments apply to Intel's Atom processor? Both efforts appear to be designed to extend markets into lower cost areas, but must be also cannibalizing existing ones.

        I'm not trying to make some sort of point, but both companies seem to be trying to do the same thing starting from their respective places, so why is one of them wrong?

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