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  • amdmonkey72 amdmonkey72 Jun 9, 2009 1:41 PM Flag

    I say I am shorting Insurance companies and people piss their pants.

    Your Repubs have your worst nightmare in President Obama.

    A smart Lib who will friken lie is ass off to win.

    He was always for a government run European style Health care plan.
    he said no--against Hillary--to win. Now he is going to take the Clinton plan and bend it left of Kennedy.

    Any insurance company in the health game is going to be under huge government control as far as pricing goes.

    This thing is on the fast track and will pass before September ends and likely before it even starts.

    You have cancer in your history--you will be insured with a good price.

    You are too fat?
    You will be insured.

    You were in a terrible car accident.

    Cost paid by high risk people will be only 20% more than the normal payers. if you are poor, you pay nothing.

    You work at McDonald's--you are insured with the same stuff as some guy at AMD.

    All the companies will of course dump their private insurance once the National system is in place.

    They will have to to be competitive.

    Bend over repubtards--MR left is the man now.
    So I say short

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    • Actually one of your many many clone ID's said you are shorting.

      By the way, WHICH insurance companies are you shorting?

      As long as you are shamelessly (and hopelessly) trying to get people on a semiconductor stock board to try to short healthcare stocks, you might as well be specific.

    • Your only posting this smoke screen because AMD is up today and your trying to get others to lose focus on shorts getting slapped yet again.

      I read some of the responses to your last post and I agree. No one on this message board gives a rat’s rear end what you’re shorting.

      So back to watching shorts try with all their might hold AMD below $5.00 but I’m thinking in a few days that fights going to be over.

      As far as your other shorting ideas... take it to other board.

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