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  • amdmonkey112 amdmonkey112 Aug 15, 2009 9:43 PM Flag

    The repubtards are pathetic. POLL

    One friken poll comes up with numbers that are way out of whack with even a poll by Fox news.

    President Obama Approval ratings.

    Here they are. most recent polls

    Gallup App 53.5% Disapp 40.1

    Fox News APP 53% Disapp 40%

    Marist APP 55% Disapp 35%

    Zogby APP5 3% Disapp 38%

    CNN APP 56% Disapp 40%

    Ipsos/McClatchy APP 58% Disapp 37%

    Quinnipiac APP 50% Disapp 42%

    So we see all these polls and then we get this poll.
    Rasmussen Reports App 48% Disapp 42%

    Either all the other polls are wrong or the Rasmussen Poll is wrong. Let us look.

    Scott Rasmussen was a paid consultant for W. Bush’s 2004 election, they may doubt the pollster’s objectivity. The fact that mostly right-wing/conservative groups and media use Rasmussen polls, should also give people a clue of whom he caters to.

    This is a snippet from an article published on shortly after the poll’s results were released Friday:

    If one examines the numbers, Obama is currently one of the most unpopular Presidents in modern American history for a President just six months in office. As we reported here, generally Presidents are very popular in at least their first year.

    What a rag.
    Republican propaganda.

    I wonder if the Repubtards will be shocked when the health bill passes and is signed into law with the public option?

    I think they might be because the right wing media they watch just tells them what they want to hear and not the truth.

    You get better TV ratings that way I suppose.

    But it will be funny when the bill is signed and the right wing populist realizes the information they get from right wing radio and television is not accurate.

    Oh the pain.

    Gawddammed rednecks are stupider than pigsht.

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    • Anybody thats seen the trolls posting these polls knows they're are nothing more than right-wing propaganda Rasmussen's polls only show you the magnitude of partisanship between the two political parties, ignoring everyone but the fringe base. Look at the tea party fanatics, or the "birthers" who make up 28% of the rethug party...those are the people Rasmussen counts (along with Obama diehards in the Dem party) as the prevailing opinions of the general public.

      Rasmussen came out with this "strong opinions only" Presidential poll after Obama got elected, knowing that his approval numbers would level out (after the honeymoon) and their would remain a predictable solid base of extreme partisan opposition disproportionally larger than lukewarm non-partisan he counts only these people....and puts out sensational headlines saying "Obama has -10% strong disapproval!" while other polls show only a slight or modest dip.

      Rass is trying to play on the sheep-mentality of the general public (most people tend to base their own opinions off what they assume everyone else thinks) using polls with no historical correlation, using standards that have never been applied to any previous President, to drive down Obama's real numbers by creating that illusion that he's surprisingly and abnormally unpopular; which is not true and you go on pollster or and see they're consistently way off than every other polling org.

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