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  • amdmonkey7 amdmonkey7 Sep 7, 2009 12:51 PM Flag


    So the banks, Insurance companies, and Wall Street were not?

    Did you see how they raped the nation?

    Your patriotism is misplaced. The scum who run the Repub and Dem party were bought and paid for by big business and clearly big business like AIG does not give a dammed about America or you.

    Big business seems to be out of control.

    We had regulation put in place in the 1930s to control the big money but the stuff was removed over the years under each president from Reagon--all the way to Clinton, and then both Bushs.

    Carter was the only one who did not rape the nation and they crucified him.

    You trust big business after the past year?
    That is proof positive that advertising and control of the media makes for great brain washing.

    You are being raped and you do not even see who is doing it.

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