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  • golden_sacks golden_sacks Oct 30, 2009 3:57 PM Flag

    How's that hope and change working for you?

    this obama economy will only get worse with each new social program.

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    • I don't want to give more and more of my hard earned money to pay for others.

      I don't want to pay 60%, 70%, or 80% or my salary in taxes, like they do the counties you mentioned.

      Meanwhile F*ING IDIOTS such as yourself, want to imposed more and more taxes on individuals and corporations. Corporations that employee citizens of this country. This is why your boy owns 10% unemployment nationwide (actually higher). You F*ING IDIOTS don't know how to run an ecomony, just ruin one.

      Libs short time in the sun will start to fade next week, as they are voted out of office.

      More and more are believing less and less in the fraud proposed you Libs and F*ING IDIOTS like yourself.


    • Yeah it's Obama's fault that the banks lost trillions of dollars from 2003-2008.


    • Do you realize the Japan has National Health Care.
      France does
      The UK Does
      Germany Does

      In fact every modern economic nation on the planet except The USA does.

      You really do need to travel more you know.

      The Health care I got while working in Japan was superior to the stuff we get here in America.

      Do you really buy into the nonsense about everything we do as being better?
      Look at how GW did after Katrina.

      Do you think free capitalism works well when unregulated?
      Funny how blind you are to the rape of America by big banks and Insurance companies. free them up and watch as they rape America for huge profits.

      Before regulations, we had all kinds of trouble.

      You want to go back to the Dickens times as seen in his books where corporations raped men women and children?

      Have you been to nations where the governments allow the corporations to act as they wish?
      They are terrible places and I have seen them in person.

      What I find most humorous about so many repubs is how they want to free up companies to sht all over us all but want to take away rights of people to speak freely or to regulate their own bodies.

      NO NO

      You can count on your right wing nuts who now run the GOP to continue to push women and minorities away and thus make it virtually impossible for the Dems to lose no matter how badly they might screw up.

      Nobody in their right mind thinks the GOP can survive as an all white right wing party.

      Do you?

    • right on, brother!

    • When did the First huge Bank and AIG Bailout go into play?

      OH--Bush was President.

      Who spent 8 friken years in Afghanistan and Iraq?

      Did the GOP in Congress back him almost completely?

      Look Obama hater--even if Obama does suck--it does not convince anyone to vote for a Republican who suck as much or more.

      Gawddammed are repubs friken stupid these days.

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      • Sarah Palin and Hucklebeatoff are their party leaders. HAAA HAAAA

        I am still looking for that GOP plan.

        Even rightwing commentators want the phuck out of iraq and Afghanistan now. The vast majority of you Repub morons want to stay. The vast majority of Dems want to go home.

        I agree with repubs and will vote against Obama if he does not pull the phuck out soon. I know you idiots really want out but if Obama said now sht tastes bad you dickheads would be seen eating sht and smiling just to be argumentative.

        Hey Southern GOP nuts.

        Obama won.
        He is Black so GET OVER IT.
        He is your masta now.


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