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  • hothectors hothectors Nov 19, 2009 12:46 PM Flag

    AMDtards go into panic mode.

    Whenever the news gets bad for AMD the idiots here start posting off topic crap as if that will help.

    Gawddammed are they pathetic losers.

    About Obama
    I would think you dumbphuckers from the right would be happy with him. He has not done sht so far.

    I am a lib and I am about ready to vote for anyone but Obama if he does not get off his ass and start doing something.

    I could save America tons of money very fast.

    Three steps

    Step 1
    Pull out of Afghanistan

    Step 2
    Pull out of Iraq

    Step 3
    Cut 90% of foreign aid to all nations.

    This would balance the friken budget.

    OK--now tax people who make more than 500,000 dollars a year back at the same rates we used to when Reagan was president.

    Budget fixed.

    Now to get rid of the massive corruption in the Senate and House-Restrict all the assholes to two terms.

    BUT NO

    Idiots from both the right and left re-elect the same scum that rape the nation.

    You want to know how friken stupid some people in America are?
    They believe Beck and Limbaugh.

    The President will not have any chance of re-election if he does not pull out of the two stupid wars.
    He will go down just like LBJ did. His own party will throw his ass out.

    Why is it you repubtards hate Obama? He is acting just like a repub. He is fighting stupid wars and screwing the working class of America.

    So far there is no difference between him and Bush.

    I will give him 12 months to start the pull outs or I will be backing a new Dem for President.

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