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  • here2stay7777 here2stay7777 Jan 19, 2010 9:43 PM Flag

    Republicans Win!! Obama Socialist Dream is Over!!


    Just wait till Nov.!!!
    The whole country wants Obama's Liberal azz out !!! Even with endorsement of Clinton (impeached presdient) and Obama (future impeachment) they still lost the most powerful Democratic Senate seat!!! Liberals like Pelosi and Obama have pushed Patriotic Americans too far!! We will take back our country and make sure no liberal cocky Jackazz ever gets to be president again!!

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    • Obama will be President until at least the start of 2013 when a new one could be put in.

      You are a moron.

      He is pres and he is black so eat it KKK boy.

    • Obama's not a Socialist.

      You are not a patriotic American. You apparently believe in setting the US firmly on the path to IMF control and reform. Without medical care and financial reform the US is on a downward spiral. They both will take up 1/4 US GDP this year and have bought Congress to keep and increase that percentage. It's not remotely sustainable. The levels for a number of years were not remotely sustainable.

      It was that malicious combination of politics, government, and finance that crashed Indonesia, Russia, and others and required IMF financial governance and control. We are proving that our pay-to-play politics, a Constitutional flaw, is at last leading to our failure to govern ourselves.

      IMF control would lead to genuine conservative financial reforms in our government and banking systems. But it would mean a time of serious privation for Americans and a drastically lowered standard of living for at least a decade. Maybe longer, since there is so much payback out there. Our would be oligarchy would likely just go live somewhere else quite nicely to avoid arrest. All the number 2's and below would freeze in the dark.

      Many of the older citizens who were conned lately into buying the Republican/insurance company view of medical care systems will have their life spans shortened as a result, since they now passionately advocate a system that can't be supported. Their main chance has been a single-payer universal system, maybe an American version of the German system. Now they will probably get their feared "death panels", a new reality running invisibly on insurance company computers half the world away.

      It is telling that Republicans, now Confederates, not Conservatives have lost the idea that things have to be paid for. It's also telling that their idea of the bailout for the financial implosion resulting from their policies is to just bail out the big banks, maybe AIG, and stop right there. Everyone else can starve as required.

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      • I agree...Obama is a Marxist!

      • Amen brother! Excellent post.

        I just love these "patriotic"/conservative/Obama bashers that wanna "take the country back" and most of them are poor, uneducated people that don't even know they are voting for the party that is against their own best-self interests!

        Joe the Plumbers everywhere think Obama is giving them a raw deal? LMFAO!

        They listen too much to Pill poppin Rush and send their wallets over to the likes of Pat Robertson...

        They deserve what they get!

        Hey dumb-asses, how bout 8 more years of Bushy?
        IT was funny to watch the Haiti relief effort and ol' Dubya get up to talk... still clueless...
        But I do salute him in helping further the Haitian relief effort nonetheless!

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