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  • processor_pro processor_pro Aug 2, 2010 8:48 PM Flag


    It's not looking so good for AMD on the CPU front, and ATI has hit it's high water mark. NVDA will take back what it has lost, while INTC continues it's climb, both are so over sold, sorry I can't say the same for AMD.

    May I add this new information about Intel processors at CES 2011

    The introduction of the form of Sugar Bay will include a 32 nm Sandy Bridge processors – probably Quad core with integrated GPU – and a motherboard with P67 chipset, which has as usual by the P-chipset to the mainstream market as a destination.

    A feature of the new platform will be the most recent Terms of Intel’s Hyper-Threading – or Simultaneous Multithreading – Advanced Turbo Boost technology and how these are changing, however, is still unknown. Later, as used by the generation dual core CPUs and will bring enabled “multiplier on the market.

    Besides, Intel will launch the Waimea Bay platform, which will replace the previously used chipset. Waimea Bay consists of a Sandy Bridge processor and the Patsburg chipset, the processor is more precisely an E Sandy Bridge, which has an integrated memory controller and a PCI Express connection and will support DDR3 memory up to 2666 MHz.

    For server customers will be developed in the future Bromolow platform, which also relies on the Sandy Bridge processors.

    Now that desktop and server market are covered, may not be missing one: the mobile market. And even if this has already been with Clark Field and Arrandale longer served as well, the Huron River platform is already in the wings. Derived from the P67 desktop chipset, H65 and H67, and then follow QM67 and QS67. The series will bring PM6X never on the market because there will be no notebook processors without integrated graphics, this chipset is therefore unnecessary.

    Already at week 50 of 2010, these platforms will be delivered, such products should appear mid-January. For 2012 we are pleased, however, already back on the Sandy Bridge Shrink, the 22 nanometer processors Ivy Bridge.

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