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  • rorycantread rorycantread Oct 12, 2011 11:02 AM Flag

    Oh me, oh my, Bulldozer disappoints!

    "AMD FX-8150 is missing its performance expectations by a fair margin. Not to mention performance gains in its own presentation, these expectations were built up by how AMD was shaping the product to be a full-fledged enthusiast product with significant performance gains over the previous generation.

    AMD ill-marketed the FX-8150. Hype is a double-edged sword, and should not be used if you're not confident your offering will live up to at least most of the hype. AMD marketed at least the top-tier FX-8000 series eight-core processors as the second coming of Athlon64 FX.

    FX-8150 launch isn't backed up by launch of other AMD FX processors. This could go on to become a blunder. The presence of other FX series processors such as the FX-8120, six-core and four-core FX processors could have at least made the price performance charts look better, given that all FX processors are unlocked, buyers could see the value in buying them to overclock. TweakTown took a closer look into this.

    There are no significant clock-for-clock improvements over even AMD's own previous generation. The FX-8150 drags its feet behind the Phenom II X6 1100T in single-threaded math benchmarks such as Super/HyperPi, the picture isn't any better with Cinebench single-threaded, either.

    Load power draw is bad, by today's standards. It's not like AMD is lagging behind in silicon fabrication technologies, or the engineering potential that turned around AMD Radeon power consumption figures over generations."

    Net-net? Over-hyped, mis-marketed, under-performing, over-consuming, piece of junk.

    But honestly, is anyone surprised? You'd need a *very* short memory not to have seen this coming, given the earlier Barcelona debacle. Folks, the big problem with being a struggling company with a ridiculously small piece of the pie is that you don't get to hire the best and the brightest. AMD chips perform like chips designed by C-grade engineers because, well, they are designed by C-grade engineers.

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