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  • ra39999 ra39999 Nov 14, 2011 12:03 PM Flag

    AMD has already shipped 500,000 Bulldozer cores
    Recently, Cray announced that it has upgraded Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Jaguar supercomputer with 25,000 Interlagos chips and Freuhe claimed the firm has already shipped 500,000 Bulldozer cores. It is likely that Jaguar will be the fastest supercomputer cluster based solely on AMD chips in the November 2011 Top500 list.

    AMD confirmed that systems from its partners, which include Acer, Dell, HP and IBM, will be shipping from today. It also will have a number of important software vendors such as Red Hat, VMWare, Xen and Microsoft on hand at the launch event to wax lyrical about their support for AMD's latest chip.
    Inteli-idiot winnie,

    Are these 99 cent store computers?

    Does "Int-El" sell 16-core CPUs?

    Maybe "Int-El" can't make a 16-core CPU yet.

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    • Lame.

      Who cares how many "cores" have been shipped. Also, do you count the crippled BD half-core as a core or not?

      500k "cores" translates into very, very few "chips". Smoke and mirrors, bending facts to the breaking point, deceptive marketing, material omissions - this is the AMDer way.

      Net-net, when you cut through the bullchit, this datum makes BD demand look extremely low.

    • The best part is Cray runs Linus so the software patch for supercomputing on the video processor is coded and public.

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      • A total of 18 CPUs is launching today. Below is a specification table.
        AMD Opteron 4200 and 6200 Series Specifications
        Series Model number Core/Thread Count Frequency Max Turbo L3 Cache TDP Price
        4200 series "Valencia" 4226 6/6 2.7GHz 3.1GHz 8MB 95W $125
        4228 HE 6/6 2.8GHz 3.6GHz 8MB 65W $255
        4234 6/6 3.1GHz 3.5GHz 8MB 95W $174
        4238 6/6 3.4GHz 3.7GHz 8MB 95W $255
        4256 EE 8/8 1.6GHz 2.8GHz 8MB 35W $377
        4274 HE 8/8 2.6GHz 3.5GHz 8MB 65W $377
        4280 8/8 2.8GHz 3.5GHz 8MB 95W $255
        4284 8/8 3.3GHz 3.7GHz 8MB 95W $316

        6200 series "Interlagos" 6204 4/4 3.3GHz N/A 16MB 115W $405
        6212 8/8 2.6GHz 3.2GHz 16MB 115W $266
        6220 8/8 3.0GHz 3.6GHz 16MB 115W $523
        6234 12/12 2.4GHz 3.1GHz 16MB 115W $377
        6238 12/12 2.6GHz 3.3GHz 16MB 115W $455
        6262 HE 16/16 1.6GHz 2.9GHz 16MB 85W $523
        6272 16/16 2.1GHz 3.1GHz 16MB 115W $523
        6274 16/16 2.2GHz 3.2GHz 16MB 115W $639
        6276 16/16 2.3GHz 3.3GHz 16MB 115W $788
        6282 SE 16/16 2.6GHz 3.5GHz 16MB 140W $1,019

        Johan has received Opteron 6276 CPU and is already working on a review, so stay tuned!

    • Fwa-thwop! Fwa-thwop!

    • At fitty cent apiece, dem dere's good money!

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      • Ra,

        Please try and get a handle on the financial side of the server market. You yourself have listed the top AMD server chip will sell for a little over a thousand dollars.

        You do understand that this sale price is slightly above the price of one 3960X desktop chip? Considering during the heyday of AMD64 the top end for AMD approached $4000 and you see the significant difference when it comes to AMD's ability to generate revenue?

        Today's launch of the 3960X will only put additional pressure upon AMD to lower its BD CPU prices since with the desktop launch of Sandybridge extreme will make anyone that was going to choose to upgrade its server shortly take pause and wait for the Sandybridge server version before they upgrade, thus for AMD to sell BD server chips now they are going to need to drop prices further.

        The worst part of all this is I actually believed AMD would get back into the game with BD. Why not it was almost a carbon copy of the original C2D. Its advantage over the C2D was it was fabricated using the 32 NM process instead of the 65 NM process C2D was.

        I wanted the return of the days were to longhorn sheep were butting heads for one selfish reason, I wanted the days of reviewing chips on value instead of performance gone and a return to reviewing chips strictly on performance. When AMD and Intel were butting heads equally no one wasted 16 page review space comparing Integrated graphic chips to one another. Everyone in the old days realized if you wanted a gaming system you needed a discrete graphics card.

        Now with BD being an also ran we face another 4 to 5 yrs of review site making a two horse race between AMD and Intel by hobbling Intel's horse, instead of what I hoped it would be with BD both AMD and Intel's CPUs running like two thoroughbreds with only the wind to hobble them.

      • And, therein lies the heart of the issue. "Shipping" doesn't (a) mean that AMD has actually been paid for them (which will manifest as rising ARs) and (b) doesn't tell us the crucial piece of information average selling price.

        Bulldozer is an ungodly costly chip to make, big, kludgy, etc. Unless ASPs are high for the chip, margins could plummet easily. Given how bad the chip sucks compared to the garden variety Core i5 2500k in all relevant use cases, the price must be well below the ASPs of that chip. That, coupled with dozer's higher cost to produce, and this is as likely really bad news as good for AMD.

        Dumping is never pretty, and AMD dumping loads of unloved Fusion chips in the third world looks to have been followed up by dumping unloved dozers on the same halpless souls.

    • 500,000 Barcelona II cores? That's $62,500 chips if 8 cores, less than that if MCM versions.

      It does not matter how many are shipped. It matters how stable and power/performance efficient they are, and we know they are not.

      Keep your desperate pump, fantard.


    • 500,000 cores shipped ??? how many cores are in a chip

      how many actual chips were shipped ?

      who would talk about cores except amd ?

      its like GM saying we shipped 300,000 cylinders last month ... hahahaa have to love this amd more everyday !

    • Bashtard, get a life!!!

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      • Resident Bashtard tp, the idiot:
        Bulldozer goes pro with Opteron 4200, 6200 processors
        by Cyril Kowaliski — 10:46 AM on November 14, 2011

        AMD didn't wait too long to unleash the workstation- and server-bound versions of its new Bulldozer microarchitecture. The company has just announced the "immediate launch and availability" of its 32-nm Opteron 4200 and 6200 chips, which are succeeding the 4100 and 6100 series in the company's existing Socket C32 and G34 platforms, respectively.

        Here's the new Socket G34 lineup. As a reminder, the Socket G34 platform enables two or four CPU sockets, quad DDR3 memory channels per socket, and up to 12 DIMMs per socket:
        Model Cores Clock speed Peak Turbo speed L3 cache TDP Price
        6282 SE 16 2.6GHz 3.3GHz 16MB 140W $1019
        6276 16 2.3GHz 3.2GHz 16MB 115W $788
        6274 16 2.2GHz 3.1GHz 16MB 115W $639
        6272 16 2.1GHz 3.0GHz 16MB 115W $523
        6238 12 2.6GHz 3.2GHz 16MB 115W $455
        6234 12 2.4GHz 3.0GHz 16MB 115W $377
        6220 8 3.0GHz 3.6GHz 16MB 115W $523
        6212 8 2.6GHz 3.2GHz 16MB 115W $266
        6204 4 3.3GHz N/A 16MB 115W $455
        6262 HE 16 1.6GHz 2.9GHz 16MB 85W $523

        ...and here's the C32 family. AMD's Socket C32 platform enables one- or two-socket configs, with two memory channels and as many as four DIMMs per socket:
        Model Cores Clock speed Peak Turbo speed L3 cache TDP Price
        4284 8 3.0GHz 3.7GHz 8MB 95W $316
        4280 8 2.8GHz 3.5GHz 8MB 95W $255
        4238 6 3.3GHz 3.7GHz 8MB 95W $255
        4234 6 3.1GHz 3.5GHz 8MB 95W $174
        4226 6 2.7GHz 3.1GHz 8MB 95W $125
        4274 HE 8 2.5GHz 3.5GHz 8MB 65W $377
        4228 HE 6 2.8GHz 3.6GHz 8MB 65W $255
        4256 EE 8 1.6GHz 2.8GHz 8MB 35W $377

        All of the chips above support DDR3-1600 memory speeds, for what it's worth. Be sure to check out our Bulldozer review for the skinny on AMD's new microarchitecture.

        In addition to the new chips, AMD says it has "announced the expansion of its 2012 roadmap." That expansion involves the Opteron 3000 series, a new Bulldozer-based lineup aimed at the same AM3+ socket type used by desktop FX-series processors (though, of course, server-friendly features like ECC memory support will be on the menu). The Opteron 3000 family will debut in the first half of next year, and it will be aimed at "the ultra-dense, ultra-low power 1P Web Hosting/Web Serving and Microserver markets."

      • You brought it up...Pump greaser

    • And now the rest of the Marketing story...
      500,000/16 cores per part

      31,500 parts? Lordy

      How many do they have to sell to make up for 5 years of development costs?

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