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  • ruckpral ruckpral May 3, 2012 1:45 PM Flag

    Can't OC Broken Bridge???

    Oh no...What happended to the perfect INTEL Ivy Bridge??? Oh my, first they dumped it on the paste for this chip frying when you "try" to Over Clock it??

    But wait, there is more...could it be Intel's PERFECT 22nm process?? The greatest FAB company in the world?? Oh no...looks like we rushed a chip to market so they could beat AMD. Not good intellers, no quick fix.

    And you clowns keep digging up old post about defective AMD products??? Sure is amazing how BAD AMD is, when Intel screws up plenty. But, noooo, we don't need to post that here, not with a board full of Intel pumpers, right? Hei..can you give me a "grammar" check, thanks!

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    • Rant you do understand when you speak of Planer being flat that is the problem? Planer drain and source are flat and wide for every shrink, their wideness is reduced, if by just looking at them but in reality in ratio they are just as wide when it comes to how much space they take up. So it is impossible to cram anymore gates into the same area as you had before all you can do when adding gates is to use the savings in size that you received from the process shrink and use them for more transistors. That is the reason why Intel went with Trigate, the thinner source and drains allow much thinner gates the gates do not have to span the same width as going over a Planer source and drain. On top of that the much reduced size of the gates allows the ranks of gates to be increased which also increases density.

      To wrap it up Trigate was to allow Intel to add density inward instead of outward. Planer only allows adding density outward and that is the reason why Intel could have built a die that is 74% of the size of a Sandybridge and at the same time almost 50% more transistors. this decrease in size proves that Trigate allows expansion inward instead of outward. Expanding transistor count inward is the future of die shrinks no matter what a start up claims planer can do going forward.

    • Two questions:

      1. Who sells the superior chips, AMD or Intel?

      2. Why would ultraportables need to act as space-heaters and/or doorstops? Nobody is going to think of them first when looking for those functions.

      Seriously, you're the spitting image of rantusmasochist. Posting utter nonsense for no discernible reason, until we get that your reason is you like being proved wrong and treated like the town bike.

    • Oh, really, it is huh Pinocchio? You're pathetic.

      Oh, and guess what? Trinity isn't really targeted at desktop systems, even though it will sell well there, it's targeted at ultraportables.

      You're a clown.

    • No, stupid, "entertainment" is a separate segment from "gaming".

      Gamers buy one or more discrete graphics cards, and if they then want to go cheap on CPU they can get a Core i5 and still destroy anything available from AMD.

    • You don't understand what "entertainment" is huh?


    • > which is primarily office and entertainment, with some video editing for the brave ones.

      So your complaint about Intel's less-than-world-beating integrated graphics is a bunch of bulls.hit. Because it's an ideal product for those things you just listed as being important. After making such a huge fuss about how two niche software products were somehow supposed to save AMD's sales.

      Seriously. Do you ever do anything resembling thinking, or do you just type a lot of words and hit Post Message?

    • Tinman, Itanic, Larrabust, Laughabee...

    • You know precisely d~ck about what the content creation community prefers. Not to mention that it seems that you have no concept of what people actually expect to do with their computers, which is primarily office and entertainment, with some video editing for the brave ones. Trinity is an all-around better deal.

      Hey, you think Intel is going to lose more market share? Ha ha, I do.

    • What are you doing here, loser? You're seriously telling me that you're here because it makes you feel superior or something? Oh, wait, you're the adult who's going to help everybody here that's long AMD with their finances, right?

      Yeah, uh huh, sure. You are so fulla sh~t it's coming out your ears.

      You are the quintessential establishment-driven monopoly-pumping loser. Only ten days left, dumbass.

    • Intel is a hugely successful company in almost everything it does, while having significant failures from time to time. But you, being drowned in the AMD-fanboi/Intel-hater kool-aid, only focus on those things. Meanwhile, AMD can't find its ASP with both hands. The only thing it owns that's worth a crap, ATI, it overpaid for by $3 billion, and then didn't use properly, the result being that AMD had to sell off assets worth $4 billion to pay for the $3 billion they ended up writing off anyway. So they overpaid for it more than three times. AMD is the poster child for failed products. It can't even make money selling x86 to people blinded by the h8r kool-aid but too dumb to just go use PowerPC.

      Take your balloon show somewhere else. Let the adults manage the finances.

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