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  • saltfish123 saltfish123 Aug 27, 2012 4:17 PM Flag

    AMD has future. Many good and powerful commerical applications need a Desktop or Laptop to run still.

    I don't think an Ipad or tablet can replace a desktop or laptop. Besides the screen display for the Ipad and tablet are too small, not good for many stuff. I think AMD is undervalue at the current price.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Here's the non-sequitur of your post: AMD is not theonlysource for desktop abd laptop CPUs. AMD is not the best source for such chips. In fact, most folks would agree that AMD is not even a good choice for such chips.

      At evey tier, in every segment, Intel offers a higher performance CPU for a comparable price, and due to Intel's far superior margins, makes more money per chip than does AMD.

      That's why we call what's happening to AMD "getting APPLRHOLED". Apple is the premiere tablet and laptop maker in the world. It's tablets are displacing low end consumer laptops quickly. Anyone wanting or needed something other than a table typically buys an Intel-based solution. Apple only offers Intel CPUs for a very good reason. Their price/performance ratio obliterates anything AMD offers.

      There's no longer any room for a second rate x86 chip copier like AMD. With ARM down low and Intel in the middle and up high, AMD can't give away their crappy chips. You seemed to have made an unwarranted leap from "tablets don't do everything" to "people need AMD chips". It's simply not the case, as Q2 proves. AMD is no longer wanted or needed.

      Thump-thump! AMD is roadkill.

    • Hate to tell you this, but the tablet has been selling to those who WOULD have bought a laptop. And AMD is undervalued, but this is what happens when Wallstreet hates a stock so much.

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