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  • hei4me hei4me Oct 26, 2012 10:45 AM Flag

    Microsft screws both AMD and Nvidia

    What is missing from Windows 8 that was debuted on XP, Vista and Windows 7?

    The answer a new version of DirectX. Thus unlike all those other versions of Windows, we did not see the tech PC review sites going into high gear promoting the next generation of both DirectX and the Discrete gaming cards and systems needed to run the new DirectX.

    This means that both Nvidia's and AMD's gaming units have been left at the altar having nothing to promote next generation cards over last generation cards.

    This may be the reason why AMD has been promoting GPGPU instead of consumer gaming. There is nothing for AMD to promote when without a new DirectX, last years DirectX 11 card will be as able to run DirectX 11 as well as anything coming down the pipeline.

    Two reason why I believe Microsoft intentionally left a new version of DirectX out of Windows 8. First in order to protect a long in the tooth Xbox 360, Microsoft did not want to widen the gap between PC and console gaming until they were ready to introduce the next generation of the Xbox. Second Microsoft may believe outside of consoles such as their Xbox 360, casual tablet gaming is the future and for that even DirectX 8 and 9 are good enough. Why have a sophisticated DirectX 11.1 hogging up room on the Windows based tablet OS when a smaller streamlined DirectX 9 based version would allow tablet gamers to be amused.

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    • I see some on the board are still talking up Kepler or Radeon as if it matters, Microsoft has put an end to the discrete graphics wars for the time being.

      Outside of not being able to view, read and hear about the technology and the advantages of the new DirectX, another thing that will mostly hurt AMD, the delay of the new DirectX will allow Intel extra time to perfect and squeeze more frames per second using DirectX 11, while at the same time using 40% less power than AMD uses doing the exact same thing.

      Also I see everyone is pinning their hopes on SeaMicro to come to the rescue, well the last three quarterly reports since the purchase of SeaMicro should tell you all you would want to know about that subject. Since the purchase, AMD has not only gone bottom line read, but revenues have decreased by over 25% and share price has gone over a cliff.

      the Micro server Seamicro is a distraction, it was purchased for the I/O IP and not for its ability to gain revenues and bottom line black ink selling complete systems. In other words it was purchased as a building block to benefit AMD server and high end consumer products going forward.

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      • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Oct 27, 2012 2:06 PM Flag

        Discrete graphics have been significant only to gaming and workstation segments for years. And I don't see either of those realms moving to anything pad-like any time soon. Not nearly enough control built in yet. It will be a decade before the user-interface paradigm has shifted so that high-precision gaming and drafting can be done with fingers on glass.

        nVidia will continue to thrive if it can change its product mix to eliminate attempts to build generic PC business. ATI, though, got bogged down in APUs and has lost a lot of ground in discrete GPUs. AMD is going away, and it may not have a good story to tell potential buyers of ATI any more.

    • This author appears to be yet another intel employer who has a bone to pick with AMD, in short, a liar. Website Hothardware shows that AMD has some 125 designs wins with large OEMs using AMD and Windows 8. Microsoft and AMD have worked very closely to make sure Win8 runs great. GPU and APU are also designed for Win8 OS further showing this author is nothing but a liar.

      Listen to these idiot intel AMD haters and lose, talk about "indignant"..that's all these intel posters are-just full of anger.

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