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  • keeperoftheq keeperoftheq Jan 13, 2013 11:05 PM Flag

    Yahoo is dealing with the bashers some basher names have vanished


    I lodged a sunstantial complaint about all this
    basher nonsense on our board. Yahoo said they will deal
    with it strongly and will remove participants
    permanently from all news boards if their abuse
    Based on todays action, looks like some were already
    removed! If not, we need to keep up the heat on Yahoo.
    Profanity is NOT the only reason they will pull people's
    accounts...abuse is abuse and they will deal with it. Looks like
    we have their ear finally!

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    This topic is deleted.
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    • wow now you really own the board with your 5 is nothing wrong with negative posts on AMD there is 2 sides to a coin and AMD hase screwed many longs along the way bashing is no worse than pumping as as i recall you posted over 2000 posts in a single day thats about 80 posts an hour you should report yourself you abuse the yahoo boards by always bumping old post burying good info you have mabey 20 posts and recycle them 1000s of time i am a long and find your posting worthless and selfseving just like a basher its hard to ignore you because you are using many aliases

      • 2 Replies to investorsandme
      • LOL. you call those "negative" post! They consist of a lot more than "negative" post. Lying about AMD does make it right. The chit you guys post are beyond "negative" and you aren't doing anyone a favour because AMD "screwed" eveyone by trying to slander the company! Your darling intel has "screwed" many people as well AND AMD as well. Do you think bashing intel at the intel MB will make it right? Wow...there IS a two sided coin.

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      • There is not 2 side to a coin when the basher is posting every 2-10 seconds. You are just upset because Yahoo stopped you from trashing the board. Why are you so concerned about someone using several IDs to post good information, but you are not the slightest concern about 3000 basher posts a day? Could it be you are one of the basher who were stopped by Yahoo?

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