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  • readthelinks readthelinks Mar 4, 2013 8:28 PM Flag

    Cut and paste reply for the bashers posts.


    The bashers will avoid these issues at all costs. Than you to ozman and other longs for you help keeping everyone informed.
    1. AMD landed the Wii U, PS4 and Xbox 720.
    2. It is estimated that over 44 million game consoles will be sold once all 3 are shipping.
    3. The PS4 & Xbox 720 use BOTH the AMD APU and CPU.
    4. AMD will rake in over $450 million per quarter in gaming revenue.
    5. China has lifted the ban on gaming consoles so the number of units shippe each year will increase,
    6. AMD will be profitable starting with the 3rd quarter.
    7. AMD has pleanty of cash available and cash will start growing starting with the 3rd quarter.
    8. AMD is the ONLY chip maker supplying APUs. A huge advantage over Intel & Nividia.
    9. AMD Acquiring SeaMicro gives AMD the advantage over Intel
    10. AMD Enters 2013 With Its Strongest Consumer Line-up of APUs
    11. Temash will be a cash cow for AMD & will Redefine Tablet Performance.
    12. The ARM/AMD chip will give AMD the edge in the mobile market.
    13. Every single time without fail AMD rose 250% to over 400% when the share price was beat down.
    14. AMD has the industry's first x86 quad-core SoC.
    15. Ternash margins are much higher than previous chips because of AMDs restructuring with their fabrication company.
    16. AMD will have no problem meeting console and system demands as GlobalFoundries has grown considerably over the past few years:

    The company has five 200mm fabrication plants in Singapore, and two 300 mm fabrication plants each in Germany and Singapore, as well as a new 300mm fabrication plant in Malta, Saratoga County, New York in the United States scheduled to begin volume production in 2013

    I chalange the basher to chat about each one of these points. How about it amdmammamia, care to give it a shot. You are good at bashing but fail in reality.

    Please spare is the low margins B.S. Yoo can not go from losing a few hundred million to profits with low margins.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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