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  • arndace2 arndace2 Mar 5, 2013 8:26 AM Flag


    You are kidding me, right? One would actually conclude that with both the S&P500 and the DOW flirting with all time highs, that this country is doing just fine economically. How could you NOT come to that conclusion? I mean when the average of all companies in the land are making all time high profits, doesn't that imply that people are employed, that taxes are being collected, that the Fed and State governments are economically healthy?

    So, how can there be so many homes still being lost to organized real estate criminals? How come wages are stuck on all time lows? How come jobless numbers are off the charts? And how come the feds are still printing nearly a trillion a year to pay the light bills? Could there be a snake in the wood pile?

    How about THREE snakes in the wood pile?!

    If companies are indeed making record profits, then the ONLY way they are NOT paying record taxes is that there are too many tax loopholes, period. If the rich are getting 10% to 20% more rich annually, they too are paying far too little taxes. If wages are stuck on 1980 wages, then unions are too weak, and wage earners have no collective voice. Aren't all those things BY DESIGN? Haven't the rich and powerful bought Congress? Can there be ANY other excuse? Isn't that the one and only common thread and only conclusion possible?

    Thus, is there but one and only one solution to the problem? The Democratic representation way of life in America has a common problem and a common solution:

    No more contributions to election candidates, period. A supper election find paid by taxpayers is simple. What can it cost? Maybe a motley $5B per year for the whole country? Think (your weakest asset) about it. Every 4 years, America allocates $16B to election candidates. That's it. Equal funds to opposing state and federal candidates. Win or lose on a fixed budget. No elected official can ever be bought again. Oops. Yes they can. We need to beef up the Dept of Justice too.

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