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  • inteldontplayfair inteldontplayfair Mar 16, 2013 2:17 PM Flag

    Flooding intel troll/AMD bashers are back!

    Look at all the panic...ybf, "amd train wreck" intel sock puppets all reposting and "bumping" trash, garbage and lies to the top. Look how worried they are about AMD???? Wonder why?

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    • Dude, stop with the pumping. AMD is in very critical financial and competitive positions across all of its markets. The short sellers have a point, and you would be wise to at least consider their viewpoint before pumping your long position. I'm long the stock, but I have no delusions that this is a "no-brainer" - it's a speculative play, plain and simple.

      • 1 Reply to ashraf.eassa
      • Dude, you one of the biggest "pumpers" I have ever seen. Apparently, you have really weak comprehensive skills. I don't need a clown like you to give me advice about accepting non stop bashing here, it's really unnecessary. If you enjoy and endorse it, that speaks volumes for you. Do you see me bashing your beloved intel at the Intel board? Answer: no, there is NO point for me to do that. I'm not a pumper, that's TOTAL B.S....dude! I have posted about AMD's new Temash only to get bashed in return by your intel buddies. So, If I'm not a basher, I'm a pumper, sure, a. s.! Whatever! These "bashers" and NOT so called "pumpers" you talk about have slandered me to extremes, this has nothing to do AMD. So, dude, please save your lectures for someone else. And I don't need YOU to tell me what AMD's outcome will be. I have never posted garbage that AMD's future is 100% secure. Any idiot knows they face an uphill battle, just like your perfect and wonderful intel does.
        Your buddie and dope ybf started the "Flooding AMD pumpers are back" threads, NOT me. It's ok if he does it, right? Why don't you send him a note all about "PUMPING" like he does non stop with that garbage Ouya? Why don't you send him a note about ALL his abuse and bashing. Huh..? You might want to check some of your writing before you criticize others. BTW, I have seen them trash you as well, why don't you feed them a load of B.S., anything you write positive about AMD, you are a so called pumper as well???? EVERYONE is a pumper if they are not a basher ;) ;)

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