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  • philchen6180 philchen6180 Mar 24, 2013 3:00 AM Flag

    AMD would be just be fine

    Nvidia made 500 million from ps3 for the first year itself and repeat profit as more people getting rid of their old system.

    Just a question to all short if Nvidia made 500 million just on GPU. How much would AMD made from GPU plus APU(CPU)?

    That is just one system and if xbox 720 fellow PS4 with Amd APU and CPU. We are looking at least 500 million dollar in profit and over billions in revenue.

    Forgot to mention that Wii and Wii U also uses AMD GPU

    xbox 360 will continue to sell well with the new system out and that also uses AMD GPU.

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    • If they are going to be BK soon, why are they making more product and im not talking about CPU or GPU. Im talking about
      Web page designer

      If they are really that short on cash would you like to invest that much into new product with money you dont have. I think we just dont see the contract they sign with M$ and Sony.

      If XBOX 720 and PS4 uses low voltage and perform high graphics. I think i can see what the new macbook pro would look like inside. Maybe Apple is like why not spend 6 billion dollar and buy they company and never pay over price for intel CPU anymore.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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