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  • dr_max_facts dr_max_facts Mar 25, 2013 9:22 AM Flag

    AMD's Delusional Dream of Console Riches DOOMED!

    AMD Console Riches BUSTED! Only $288 Million Revenue this Year, NOT PROFIT

    AMD will only get $288 million of revenue from PS4 and Xbox 720 this year. That number is only revenue not profit as cost of sales must be subtracted. The 4Q is the strongest for gaming consoles and that number gets only weaker.


    The analysts estimate that AMD will charge on average $60 per system-on-chip for PS4 and Xbox “Durango”, which will bring the company at least $288 million in revenue this year. Previously AMD only received royalties from game console platform owners for using chips with their technologies; starting from next-generation of consoles, AMD will sell chips to its partners. The improved earnings from console business will be shown as a major victory of AMD’s current management.

    “We estimate that average selling prices for the company‘s game console business are roughly $60 due to its premium specifications. As a result, we are adding roughly $96 million of Sony/Xbox console chip revenue for AMD in Q3 2013 and $228 million in Q4 2013, and raising our CY13 and CY14 revenue estimates,” said Mr. Webster.

    From many points of view, selling embedded custom APUs to Sony and Microsoft has a lot of advantages for AMD since it will naturally get more profit by selling chips than by getting license fees. On the other hand, the profit margin of such eAPUs will likely be rather low. Moreover, AMD will have to handle all the manufacturing and logistics issues, which may not be too comfortable for a company with limited resources

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    • ROFLMAO, so AMD's savior is the diluted low end toy game consoles. That won't keep the lights on long.

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    • AMD will only get $288 million

      of revenue from PS4 and Xbox 720 this year.

      That number is only revenue not profit as cost of sales must be subtracted.

      The 4Q is the strongest for gaming consoles and that number gets only weaker in 2014.

      Along with all the other options available for gaming the console market will continue to weaken year by year.

      AMD put all its eggs in the console basket too save itself now it looks like some of those eggs just broke.

      OMG, the AMD propaganda pumping marketing pumpers are right here, right now flinging the FUD, spewing the perma pumping propaganda and deleting Vital information that investors need to know.

      Shame on you AMD for fooling the AMD pumping fools into becoming your propaganda pumping tools

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      • Its too late for the AMDuped suckers, but new investors need to read the Facts before stepping in Amdog poop.

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      • Wii U Sales Plummet Below Expectations, Hit Embarassing Numbers

        Toby Wellington, March 15, 2013

        To say the Wii U has been underperforming for Nintendo would be an understatement. This past February, the recently released console sold just 64,000 units off U.S. store shelves according to a report from NPD Group. This is in contrast to Nintendo’s forecasted numbers, which estimated the Japanese company to sell 2 million units every single month from January to March. That’s right, Nintendo sold just 64,000 units of the Wii U of a planned 2 MILLION.

        From its November 18 launch date to the end of 2012, the Wii U managed to sell 3.06 million units, nearing numbers that Nintendo’s previous console launch for the original Wii brought in. Since then, however, things for Nintendo’s console have been dire. NPD has cited U.S. sales in January to have been as low as 57,000 units.

        Perhaps if Nintendo is able to release a series of solid games within the next several months they’ll be able to re-spark interest, or perhaps the console is simply already on its way out to pasture.

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      • Ouya, Razor Edge, gaming Intel/Nvidia Laptops & PCs will decimate AMD's dream of cheap console riches.

        Wise Jen say
        only AMD CEO fools rush in

        When Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony wanted cheap chips, Nvidia said no, but Rory the knee jerk CEO fool rushed in and desperate bottom feeding, debt laden AMD was their cheapest answer.
        Will The PlayStation 4 Be Sony's Last Gaming Console

        Buying the latest console was once a rite of passage for many Generation X'ers and gamers, but the PlayStation 4 might be the last console available to the public. Sale of games dropped by 22 percent in 2012, causing many tech experts to wonder whether gaming consoles are going extinct.

        Logan Decker, editor-in-chief of PC Gamer joined Jacob Soboroff on HuffPost Live to discuss.

        "The way I see it, a console is basically a device to keep you from playing games you haven't paid for," Decker said. It took Sony four years of losses to make profit on their PlayStation 3 console, and Microsoft six years. Decker said this is a"brutal" turnaround time and probably not something that gaming companies can afford to continue.

        "Instead, I think the strategy for this last generation of consoles will be to rein in hardware costs as much as possible," Decker said, "and gradually transition gamers to streaming instead."

        In fact, newer gaming companies are creating games that don't need a console at all, and some that can even be played on a cell phone.

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      • Wii U Sales Drop Off A Cliff As The Future Of Gaming Continues To Shift Away From The Console

        The Wii U only sold around 64,000 consoles in the U.S. during the month of February, according to a new NPD Group report out today. That’s a far cry short of how many sales it achieved from the time it launched through the end of last year, Ars Technica reports, and it even looks like it’ll be under Nintendo’s own projected sales estimates, which it revised down at the end of January.

        This should be taken as a wake-up call for Sony and Microsoft as they undertake the process of launching their own next-generation consoles, which began with Sony’s unveiling (without an unveiling) of the PS4 this past February. It should also act as a clarion call for independent hardware makers and software developers: the flagging interest in mainstream gaming platform means opportunity for startups.
        (CNN) -- If console gaming were a first-person shooter, it would be taking heavy fire right now. A red hue would envelop the viewable screen from all sides, an ominous sign of spilled blood.

        Or worse, near-death.
        Video game sales dropped 25-percent in US last month
        Mar 14th 2013

        According to NPD Group, video game sales dropped 25-percent in February, with sales declining across the board: games, hardware, and accessories. This is despite two games that were launched last month by Sega and EA, and is representative of consumers’ shift from traditional gaming to mobile gaming via tablets and smartphones.
        Hardware suffered the worst blow, decreasing 36-percent over last year, with a total of $244.2
        million in sales. Software was next in line, falling 27-percent over last year to $369.9 million in sales; that represents sales for both gaming consoles and portable units

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