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  • philchen6180 philchen6180 Apr 19, 2013 2:19 AM Flag

    Great CC

    1.2 Billion cash in hand
    Q2 would be flat or maybe better then expected
    GPU business is growing 7%
    Solid lineup for 2013 and return profitable during second half
    During 2013 40 million console would sold and we would be happy if we get 50% of it.
    20 million x 40= 800 revenue and 30% for profit would be 240 million. Thats a low ball from gaming console. I expected to see PS4 and Xbox720 to be sold out once it is launch worldwide. 10 million PS4 and 10 million xbox720 with more sales coming from Wii, Wii U(Big sale with game coming out like Zelda, Mario Kart, Mario Galaxy), Xbox 360, GPU 9000 series.
    Server business that Intel is increasing and so it AMD
    Going to Mobile with a APU better graphic and CPU for tablet and smartphone gaming while not using up all their battery

    Overall, we see AMD upside and a downside in the short but overall we see AMD to be in the 10's later on this year or the next


    Not a basher or a pumper just trying to help people out that this company is not going to BK but has a year before thinks get allot better

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    • actually analysts gave AMD management a very hard time on the conference call being unhappy with gross margin outlook, cash burn as well as margin and market potential for new products.

      given the low expectations the stock might be able to hold its ground today but given that the stock surged yesterday late on leaked results the REAL closing price should be estimated at around $2.35

    • Everyone "believes" they are objective. You are NOT OBJECTIVE. Therein lies the ENTIRE problem. You busted your butt to construct nothing more than pure optimism. Every line item in your list has a NEGATIVE flip side, which you ignored as even possible. That sir, makes you a pumper, like it or not. You are having a brain aneurism, like it or not.

      For example, just one example of many: You pretend that intel doesn't even EXIST in your thesis. Fatal flaw number one. Do you even KNOW the parallel intel lineup arriving simultaneously, if not BEFORE Amd lauches? Why is that? Could it be your aneurism?

      Do yo even know how few times Amd meets delivery dates? It's a rarity, BTW. Amd very frequently announces "delivery for revenue dates" but NEVER mentions their volumes, which are frequently shoe box volumes. Amd's OEMs are extremely often royally #$%$ off when Amd stiffs them. Ask DELL. Ask CRAY. Ask anyone. You have an aneurism.

      You go on & on with optimistic game chip profit projections which have never been achieved by AMD for at least 13 years. Why now? Aneurism?

      But let me part with my STRONGEST advice. Look at the competition!!! There are MANY Amd competitors with serious superior alternatives to everything Amd has. Not one of the 6-10 competitors is laying down and dying. They are coming after Amd with a vengance. That's NO ANEURISM.

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