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  • dr_max_facts dr_max_facts Apr 26, 2013 8:52 AM Flag

    Haswell Powered Apple iMacs, Macbook Pros & Airs COMING! AMD DOOMED!

    Apple to refresh its lineup with Intel Haswell processors in May, Windows computers won’t be the only ones with the next-generation Intel Haswell processors. According to MacRumors, Apple will also be upgrading its iMacs, Macbook Pros, and Airs to the new chip later this year.

    DigiTimes reports that, according to Apple supplier sources, the tech giant is expected to start placing new orders by May since “the company has almost finished digesting its excess inventory.” In their opinion, Apple will be ordering new parts for “mainly Haswell-based models.”

    As Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted at his conference call this week, the Cuppertino company won’t be releasing anything new until this fall, so it is possible that DigiTimes’ sources could be correct. After all, if Apple really orders new parts by next month, new Haswell-powered computers could arrive later this year

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    • Apple has always been considered a system for dorks that are intelligent enough to use a PC. Back in the day they had a graphics advantage, but you could always do a million more things on a PC. That is still true today. PC's are for power users, iMacs are for kids, and people who don't have a lot of uses for a computer.

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      • Forgot to mention that you pay 50% more for an Apple that has 30% less performance than a PC. Google it if you don't believe me. You would have to be a complete loser.

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      • jimkellerisblinderthanhelen jimkellerisblinderthanhelen Apr 27, 2013 1:25 PM Flag


        Programmers now use Macs 3:1 in the enterprise software industry. You can't walk through a lab at Oracle, IBM, Salesforce or others without seeing a half dozen macs per PC. Only low end pukes and Walmart shoppers, and the occasional high end gamer (who insist on Intel and nVidia; no AMD) use PCs running Windows. Anyone with any tech savvy at all uses a Mac running OS X and Linux.

        So if you think guys making 8x as much as you make a year selling their skills are losers, more power to you. One day you'll be renting a chithole condo from one of those losers, you bottom feeding monkey.

    • I don't think anyone here cares what Apple or Intel are doing. If you are such big fan boys, why not tell someone who cares? In case you're interested, I own 4 Ivy Bridge systems. Paid $64 each for the G2020 processors with MSI Z77a chipsets running all my AMD Radeon 7950 cards. I have 5 more systems to build with dual Radeon 7970 cards each, and now that you got me thinking how asinine Intel fans are, they will all have AMD processors and motherboards. Should save me quite a bit on these systems. Thanks!

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      • No they don't care about what Apple and intel are doing together at this MB, all max_fud does is just pump intel and NVidia garbage at the AMD MESSAGE BOARD all day long. You would think he would unload that trash at the intel MB, but nope. He just wants to bash AMD and instigate trouble here. This is his one and only sole purpose. I don't know, but he sure appears to be "mental" to me!

    • Apple is in a serious spiral dr max. Enjoy the ride.
      They are going down in flames.
      For the firsttime in ten years they discounted their computers. Now they are adding more expensive parts than necessary.
      This was either a payoff or a huge mistake.
      Apple is dying.
      Apple has never been about having the best parts. Its always been about elegance and os and huge margins. This is the opposite.

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      • I never bought a Apple anything because it never had the best parts and cost a arm and a leg. Now for the first time with Haswell/Thunderbolt I might take a bite of Apple.

        AMD is in for a big time beat down, Haswell, Kepler will wipe the benchmark floor with AMD's watt sucking over hyped CPU/GPUs POS.

        The more you pump this watt sucking POS now the more I'll make when the market takes a massive AMD dump.

    • That's great news, Doc! With Ivy Bridge under the hood last quarter, the MacBook lines defied the industry-wide 6% PC sales dip and posted 10% quarter over quarter sales growth. It seems like quality sells and, well, APUs just smell.

    • haha yes because APPLEs 10% market share of the PC market is everything... You're such a joke..

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    • Intel’s Haswell chip coming to Google Chromebooks, bringing better battery life

      If the low-priced Google Chromebooks and the luxury Chromebook Pixel have one thing in common besides Chrome OS, it’s their “meh” battery life. The $1,200 Pixel’s battery maxes out around just five hours, which is two hours less than the similarly priced 12-inch MacBook Air. However, that will change if Intel’s new Haswell chip, which promises extra long battery life, is used in new iterations of the Chromebook. According to GigaOM, that’s is exactly what is going to happen. The site found numerous references to Haswell in Chrome OS’s code.

      Haswell is Intel’s fourth generation of its Core series of chips and is expected to increase battery life to up to 10 hours, a massive increase over the current Ivy Bridge series of chips. If the battery estimates are accurate, the inclusion of Haswell into the Chromebook Pixel could make it a mobile worker’s dream come true. GigaOM has gone through the latest version of Chrome OS’s code and found references to Haswell as well as references to Lynx Point, the chip controller that is expected to be paired with Haswell.

      While a Chromebook powered by Intel’s latest chip is not expected to be announced at Google’s developer conference being held in a few weeks, it’s very likely that we’ll see one in the next couple of months. Technically, Haswell hasn’t been officially released by Intel yet, but it’s expected to be announced on June 2nd. Of course, manufacturers get first dibs on the test chips so that they may begin building systems around them.

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    • Inside Iris: What Intel's new integrated graphics mean for Apple's future Macs

      Apple started off with a 15-inch model that had its high-resolution display driven by a discrete Nvidia GeForce graphics card. But that same power couldn't be crammed into the 13-inch model, which debuted later in 2012 featuring only integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000.

      That's why Intel Iris is likely to be particularly meaningful for Apple's anticipated 2013 update to its 13-inch MacBook Pro. AppleInsider noted in its review of the 13-inch Retina model last year that one of the most disappointing aspects of the notebook was the lack of discrete graphics, forcing users to rely solely on Intel's integrated graphics.

      But with Iris, Intel has now signaled its next generation of processors will offer integrated graphics that can more directly compete with the likes of discrete hardware from Nvidia and AMD. As noted by AnandTech last month, Intel plans for its high-end Iris graphics option in Haswell to compete with Nvidia's GeForce GT 650M — the same discrete GPU currently found in Apple's 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro.

      Further solidifying the premium nature of Iris is the fact that the brand will only apply to Intel's most powerful graphics solutions. The company's low-end graphics processors will retain the generic "Intel HD Graphics" branding.

      Iris Pro, in particular, will include 128 megabytes of eDRAM, helping enable it to offer more than twice the performance of the previous generation Intel HD 4000 graphics. Intel's premier GPU will be restricted to quad-core processors, which currently come by default inside Apple's 15-inch MacBook Pros.

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    • Are you done?

    • Intel's new breed of Haswell processors will headline a new range of MacBook Pro laptops at next month's Apple's WWDC conference next month, according to one noted analyst.

      Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, whose track record is better than most, thinks the new models will take the stage at the Moscone Center, where Apple is also expected to showcase the next version of Mac OS X.

      According to Kuo, there'll be no major design overhauls aside from the inclusion of Intel's new processors, while the optical drive is also set to remain within the standard non-Retina Display MacBook Pro line.

      Last year the company launched 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display models, but ditched the optical drive to save space.

      Intel is officially launching the super-efficient Haswell family of chips on June 3. Haswell will replace the current Ivy Bridge generation, with Apple's WWDC event taking place exactly a week later.

      Also on the agenda for the annual developers conference is the first look at iOS 7, which has the potential to be the most interesting software release in a while, given predictions that major changes are afoot.

      Just this week the company sold all 5,000 tickets for the event in just two minutes. Not bad considering they were $1,599 a pop.

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    • While fool tool CEO Rory rushes into the low end toy console market, Apple will take more market share with Haswell inside.

      Digitimes reports that the next generation of Apple's MacBook will feature a new and faster processor. Production of the new devices will start mid-May, Digitimes' source claims.

      That same source also expects that the number of sold MacBook units will increase by 10% compared to the last quarter. The MacBooks allegedly will be equipped with Intel's new Haswell chips. The Haswell CPUs have lower power consumption and perform slightly better than the previous 'Ivy Bridge' generation. The graphics chip has been improved significantly on the new processors, which is always welcome on portable devices. The source also indicates that there's no other major changes for the MacBook Pro and iMac, aside from the new processor.

      Although Apple rumours always have to be taken with a grain of salt, this particular rumour could be true. Intel will launch its Haswell processors June 4th, and Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is helt just a week after, from June 10th through 14th. Whether Apple will unveil its new MacBooks there is still unclear though.

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