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  • mike21265 mike21265 May 17, 2013 4:32 PM Flag

    A quick story on me being a fool

    Years ago, when MasterCard 1st came out, the large pros's, especially Stiefel Nicholas were screaming the stock was worth no more than 40 I bought at the beginning at 45, then when it hit 50 all the pros were screaming it peaked. I sold and the rest is history... DONT LISTEN TO GOLDMAN SACHS, AS THEY ARE OUT FOR THEMSELVES TO JUMP IN ON A SHORT DIVE.. And I have listened to these fools on other occasions and been heavily burnt

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    • AND is not investment, it is a gamble. Better toss dice can get more accurate result rather than these crooexpert intelligent ideas. Your pain ,their gain. ..

    • whirleddream May 17, 2013 6:39 PM Flag

      Yep, you can't trust Goldman Sachs. Many articles and books have been written, also by insiders - bottom line:
      1- they are powerful
      2- they will f* everyone to make profits

    • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld May 17, 2013 6:05 PM Flag

      MC is an exceptional case. It was very hard to value them because nobody really understood the scalability of their business model. Even the other card issuers didn't share the same dynamics, though you'd think it would have been the same for all of them.

      AMD is not an exceptional case. It is a failed manufacturer that has discarded all of its tangible assets and attempted to make margin out of its intangible assets, not realizing that it was the intangibles that caused it to fail to profit from valuable tangibles. AMD's business is not scalable, and is prone to huge disruptions from its own incompetence and its competitors' innovation.

      Goldman missed nothing about AMD. The only crime they committed was in not telling you daily, as I have, the information that they released yesterday. They allowed the price to run up unnecessarily, and contributed to the pain caused when the truth was widely broadcast. As for whoever bought this morning to punch the price up to where $4 calls could be turned and burned, well, in the absence of significant news that's just fishy.

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      • I think you are wrong. First of all, analysts are there (specially from G) to mislead you . You need to loose your money for them to make money.So when they give a buy or sell recommandation, is doesn't mean they want to help you. They are using you for them to make money.

        Now few years ago for those of you who remember, LVS hit $1. when it went from $1 to $3, the word on street was $3 is way overprice for this stock and soon will go below $1. well today is at around $60.

        oh and not to mentioned some of the top Wall stree analysts during 90's were saying apple is a bankrupt company. Do you remember?

        So it takes a good CEO to turn the company around and I think Rory is the man for the job

      • A failed manufacturer who has been in business for over 40+ years, with over 1B in Gross Profit. These are the facts not a gut feeling, don't thing they are going out of business any day soon. Past history has shown they always managed to come back after being beat down.

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