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  • sadakapm sadakapm May 21, 2013 1:51 PM Flag

    Engadget confirms AMD chips in xbox ONE!

    SNE just popped, AMD next!

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    • Straight from AMD's twitter page:

      "The Xbox One is here, and it’s being powered by a single-chip, semi-custom APU co-developed by AMD and Microsoft."

      Here comes the dough! Microsoft sold 70+ million Xbox 360's. This time AMD's going to get a bigger dough because they designed the CPU and the GPU unlike the last time where AMD only designed the GPU for the Xbox 360.

      To top it off PS3 also sold 70+ million units and PS4 will also be powered by AMD CPU and GPU. PS3 didn't even have any AMD chip in it, this time it does!

      It's a clean sweep for AMD! Zero wins for intel and nVidia.

    • It's official!

    • "The box will pop on and come to your home page or wherever you were last. In order to do that in an efficient way, you have to architect all of that into the box up front. A lot of it is in the SoC," Holmdahl says. That SoC contains both the CPU and GPU, as well as embedded ESRAM; the first two components are based on an AMD design, and custom-built into an SoC with embedded ESRAM. That CPU is based on the Jaguar design from AMD, with eight cores and a 4MB L2 cache, while the GPU is of the D3D11.1 (with extensions) variety, Baker told us.

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    • Xbox One is meant to play a central role in the living room. There's an octa-core processor based on AMD's Jaguar and 8GB of RAM to go up against the Sony PlayStation 4, plus USB 3.0 ports, 500GB of hard drive storage, WiFi Direct for communicating with the new controller and other devices, and a humungous amount of silicon to drive it all.

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