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  • keeperoftheg keeperoftheg May 31, 2013 1:40 PM Flag

    Wow. Just wow. Samsung adopts Intel for mobile devices!

    This is HUGE!

    Say, when will there be a handset using AMD chips?

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

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    • WOW..JUST WOW!!! Golly Gee..Gosh! WOW, Just WOW...Oh boy...Gosh! It's not handset win pinhead, it's for a tablet. To an intel pumper, it's the same thing. Samsung's Galaxy cells aren't using anything but ARM at this point. SAMSUNG cells are what sells and Apple sells the most tablets, is this hard understand for intel fanboys? Intel is NOT in Apple tablets, I hope Apple isn't that stupid. Try to get some sleep tonight. I mean WOW..JUST WOW might be too might excitement for you...Ha ha ha . I didn't realize 5 years old kids were allowed to post here??? hector "cornholer" boy, explain to your buddy it's a tablet, not a "handset"...

    • That's probably a BS rumor, Samsung's own ARM chips are pretty good so not sure why they would use overpriced Intel UNLESS Samsung wants a piece of the Windows 8 tablet market however small that piece of the pie is.

      Remember Win8 RT runs on ARM chips so this is the full Win8 we're talking about here.

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      • No rumour. It is a fact that Samsung is going to use Intel in tablets. The rumour straight from the Head Intel guy in Korea is that it is very likely that Samsung will be using Intel chips in some of its phones soon too. AMD? Irrelevent now in these areas is AMD and is a super hyper trading stock that goes up and down on buyout rumours that have no facts behind them. So the best play is to short AMD after every AMD bounce up past 50%. It will go down because just like the Apple thrown into the air, What goes up must come down--AMD!

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • Intel's chips are far better than any ARM chip. Much higher performance/watt. The problem up to now has been a lot of watts. But that's been solved. There is no remaining advantage to using ARM.

        Too bad AMD is staking its future on ARM.

        Rory should cut the ARM development and stick to the server and console businesses. Fire about 5,000 people. Then, you know what? AMD will finally have a sustainable profit. Small, but without all that extraneous and pointless R&D expense it will be pretty unassailable. AMD might even be able to start paying a dividend. Of course, the stock will be in the $1-1.50 range, in perpetuity, but then AMD never was a growth business. Shareholders might as well trade the fantasy for some certainty and an income stream.

      • When Samsung goes intel I will never buy anymore their 3D-TVs, 3D Blue-Ray players or Smartphones. Why not change to brands heavily supporting AMD?

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • AMD is not even in that market. What is the big deal? AMD doesn't compete in a lot of areas Intel operated in. So big whoop.

    • As soon as they invent wireless power transformers.

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