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  • anotherenigma Jun 21, 2013 12:46 PM Flag


    You come across intelligent. I wouldn't be short AMD or expect $3.00. Open a chart. Look at the TA. Read the news. AMD is going to be in the money for many years to come now.

    Go short CREE. Like I have.

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    • pessemist Jun 21, 2013 2:50 PM Flag

      'In the money for many years to come' is an opinion, not a fact. I don't happen to agree with it. I think AMD will be back near insolvency within 2 years. The console wins will not replace the lost income from desktops. AMD had a big win in a relatively small market. It 'might' score market share away from its competitors in the graphics market and it 'might' be competitive with some server offerings. But you know what? The competitors are ahead now and are not sitting on their #$%$. The competitors also are not selling off their real estate to pay for research. You are kidding yourself if you think everything is A-OK at AMD. The market knows better and that is why there is intense SHORT interest and why the stock languishes.

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      • anotherenigma Jun 21, 2013 3:30 PM Flag

        I think AMD has gotten their act together. Their contracts with Sony / Apple / Samsung / Microsoft will pay off huge. Don't underestimate the gaming market. The new consoles are sold out everywhere. I and close friends have pre ordered over 10 of each console in anticipation of the demand. I will keep a PS4 for myself and the rest will go on ebay.

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      • It's very clear you are short AMD and have no faith in AMD. Is it fair to call you a basher? Maybe! You are a pessimist for sure. Opinions are opinions, just as you say. You post a lot of opinions here and try to convince MB posters that you are "all knowing" and can predict AMD's outcome, a typical basher's trademark. You are kidding yourself if you think all your views are MORE than just opinion, because they aren't fact, just as you are lecturing people here the difference between opinion and fact. I personally wouldn't trust ANYTHING you say, you are 100 percent biased towards intel and have a agenda and no matter what AMD does, you ONLY find the negative spin on it. Do you really think people are buying into your non stop FUD? Sure doesn't appear that appear that way to me, what is your "other" ID here you also bash with?

    • At least one poster can trust this guy, I'd rather drop my money on roulette than follow him.

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