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  • bunkerbusterr bunkerbusterr Jun 24, 2013 4:32 AM Flag

    Mcvindia and Esuteru is saying: PS4 to go into production in August, to ship 16 million units this year

    Sources: mcvindia (india), esuteru (japan), slumz.boxden

    PS4 to go into production in August, to ship 16 million units this year

    by Sameer Desai
    Wednesday, March 6th 2013 at 4:54PM IST

    The PlayStation 4 will go into full production in August and will ship 16 million units this year, reports out of Taiwan and Japan have suggested.

    Esuteru (Japanese) has quoted a report in Taiwanese publication Digitimes as saying that production will be handled by Taiwanese companies Foxconn and Pegatron.

    Foxconn also handled manufacuring for the PS3, while Pegatron, which is a subsidiary of Asus, mostly focusses on production of computer components and peripherals.

    This probably explains why Sony is yet to show the PS4 console at its announcement event last month. With production set to get underway in August, the company could well still be putting the finishing touches on the console, perhaps even waiting till Microsoft puts its cards on the table.

    16 million units is no small figure, and while that may not mean a whole lot right now, it could well signal Sony's intentions to launch the console simultaneously worldwide.

    Head over to our PS4 page for all the latest on Sony's next-gen console.

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    • BunkerB, GREAT research... If Sony is looking to ship 13 million this year... then so it MSFT.

      32 million X $80= $2.5 BILLION

      Gross margin of 40% = $ 1billion with NO discernible increase in other costs 90% falls to the bottom line= $900 NET profit

      SPLIT between Q3 and Q4 = $450 million each of NET profits

      $450 million divided by 600 million shares= 75 cents a share EARNINGS for Q3 and another 75 cents for Q4......

      NOW, we know why so many TOP VPs have been joining AMD.... their stock options become worth $$ MILLIONS!!!

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