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  • dr_max_facts dr_max_facts Jul 2, 2013 9:03 AM Flag

    AMD's SURPRISE Massive 11% Revenue DROP = AMD DOOMED!

    ALL of AMD's APUs Suck at high end gaming so do their watt wasting CPUs, and their runt rendering GPUs stutter and misfire, AMD DOOMED!

    AMD will come in at -11%

    AMD yesterday announced an 11% drop in expected revenue this quarter, a massive drop. What comes as more of a surprise is that this wasn’t expected by anyone even as late as a month ago.

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    • at 13:00:22 958300 almost 1 millon one buy went threw at 4.06 it was green so it was a buy they may be starting to cover shorts

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      • If I was short I would be a lot more fearful than a long for July 18th. A string beat and positive quarter means that they are ALL toast!!! I believe AMd will beat, and that subsequant quarters will be profitable and strong!!! Every strong quarter means that this lean company has low costs, and a consistently improving product mix!!! You shorts also better hope that HUMA DOESN't crush you as this technoligy led by AMD is a game changer!!!

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    • Max, nobody bought ur warning news. A few did but they just piled back on AMD again hours later. For insane reasons they are convinced that a few game chips sales that will show up in January as Q4 sales, are interpreted as a Q2 done deal. Dramatic losses in Q2 mean nothing to AMD fans. Even worse Q3 projections also don't phase these nut cases. The armada of game competitors are all but ignored and even iNTEL's literal armada of graphical Haswells mean nothing to AMD fans. Maybe a chunk from their wallet might sink in, but I doubt that too. Even that will be twisted into a "buying opportunity".

      Games can't save AMD, period. AMD cpus are history. Even AMD announced that end game for the company. (AMD is phasing out all competition with intel). AMD is phasing in an altogether new business model of custom chip designing for others - during the next two years. AMD has, in effect, finally thrown in the towel afetr 40 years of failure. But AMD fans still don't seem to get it - how much of a long shot each of these casino transformations are for AMD.

      Waiting for all the W-da-Fs by report time.

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      • Arndace2, all of the cloaked facts in your article are out of order and serve to twist and delay facts. Can you substantiate your claims, or are these your desperate hopes to swing the stock down when you don't own a share and benefit crom sinking the stock...trying to make yourself sound knowledgeable is important, but you also need facts...nice try, but nobody here believes your hot air!!! AMD is getting stronger a s more than a few are be iming believers.

    • Max,
      Today, you reported the bad news "facts" (-11% in Q2 sales); the stock tanked today appropriately; the morons read you the riot act for being a lowlife short: and the gullibles persist in asserting "AMD to 5 or 10 by Q2 report time" despite the slow motion collapse before our eyes. Amazing.

    • Whaaaaaaaa......???????? Then, why do you waste your time posting here? Go to another chip mfg. board and pump their stuff. You need a lesson in time management "dr.". SHEEEEEESSSSHHHH!!!!

    • A big thanks to all of your fantastic comedy . You've had me in stitches with your hilarious comments. some real comedic gems that literally had me slapping my knees.

      If you can't laugh at yourself I can do that for you.

      I'm serious you have some real talent good luck !

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    • Oh my ! Thanks for looking out for my best interest. Let me run out and sale right now . LOL

    • LMAO! This guy has no idea what he's talking about.

    • Your dream came True last year.... But not now...shut up and keep recover

    • That's ma man, Max. Keep that sharp eye on AMD. All us objective observers new this bum news had to come, and AMD must come clean as usual. It simply HAD to be true for many reasons. AMD has not yet even had a chance to augment conventional sales with game chip sales. That's more than another Q off. We also all knew that desltops are dying worldwide - hitting AMD hard. Everyone also knows that SeaMicro has not introduced anything that can attract throngs of server customers and that intel rejected an offer to buy SeaMicro based on intel's publc announcement that intel already had far better competitive technology. Only Amd was duped and paid 10X too much for SeaMicro. And we also already know that AMD has a very long track record of over promising and under delivering chips - which is the most worrisome part of SONY and MSFT game console promises.

      Finally, literally EVERYONE knows that many other game console mfgrs are also coming out with so many game options - and many months before AMD will even have a product for sale - that AMD's game mkt share is being greatly impared as we speak.

      All of this very very bad news leaves AMD's 2Q in terrible shape, and projects to even worse shape in Q3. But Q4 is the huge gamble. If AMD disappoints SONY or MSFT, like AMD has done to others (DELL/GRAY),, it could be AMD's last gasp. iNTEL is headed like a mach-1 arrow towards 14nm technology, plus super speedy graphics. That HAS to be AMD's last gasp.

      As usual, good reporting Max (even though you are so biased).

    • Agree, a complete lie from a DESPERATE short!!! Your ethics are missing, check your pockets!!! Deceiptful shorts, pathetic. I don't hear an earnings out shorts!!!

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