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  • umbroolangoo123 umbroolangoo123 Jul 24, 2013 3:03 PM Flag

    Why AMD IS A BUY

    Deals with Samsung, Apple, Sony, Microsoft, Rockwell Collins, GE, tons of OEMS Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, etc.

    HSA, APP, hUMA, SeaMicro ARM servers, APUs, ACE

    - This fall they are paying homage to the Graphics card that put them on the map the 9xxx series back in 2004, THEY ARE RELEASING A NEW CARD with the same name 9xxx..., THEY HAVE SAID THIS CARD WILL DUE JUSTICE TO THE 9xxx brand that they were so successful with 1 DECADE EARLIER, 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY, THIS CARD IS GOING TO BE A BEAST....

    - These guys created a compiler that finds which parts of code will benefit from the CPU and which parts of the code will benefit from the GPU and then compiles the code to the most efficient utilization of the hardware

    People worried about low margins? It is about getting DEVELOPERS interested in AMD's new paradigm of cpu architecure, if you dont understand what the new paradigm is you should research what they are trying to achieve and how it affects the future of computing.

    CRYING low margins is synonymous to bashing GOOGLE FOR HAVING ANDROID OPEN SOURCE... It is about exposure...
    I dont know about you... Small margins PALE in comparison to having a short monopoly on the development platform where some of the most talented, creative, enthusiastic, vocal and marketed people in the tech industry are. AMD is betting, they are betting their paradigm catches on (Similar to how ARM took over the mobile architecture), and yes it goes far beyond gaming, gaming is just a great showcase of what can be achieved.

    AMD has been an innovative company, is an innovative company, and will continue to be an innovative company. Financial analysts do not understand what AMD has brewing right now, or what it means for the industry. Computer scientists, engineers, developers, and enthusiasts understand the potential, and we are excited.

    qtr 3 is where it starts...
    more to come later...

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    • just_my_loussy_two_cents_worth just_my_loussy_two_cents_worth Jul 26, 2013 3:04 PM Flag

      get the price up so it can be shorted again..

    • Whether its a buy or not is up to the individual investor. But has umbroo has stated some truths here, and the potential is but not limited to this...

      AMD has positioned itself like an unlikely assassin. No one (INTL & NVDA) was worried about them, believing they were going after the low hanging fruit of the video game console. 2 things could come from this if executed successfully.

      1. Defaulted Dominance in the discrete gaming graphics arena via the game developers. (NVDA threat)
      2. Proving the smart power, low power consumption, and viability of their APU line for cluster servers farms. (INTL threat)

      Their growth strategy is sound. Take more share in the ever shrinking markets, PC, Server, Discrete Graphics. Venture into growing markets embedded devices, 64bit ARM for servers, and "tablets".

      Intel has much more to worry about, because their revenue will continue to shrink unless they can get x86 adoption in handheld devices thus expanding their markets.

    • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Jul 24, 2013 3:33 PM Flag

      But it's not a buy. It's a strong sell. Has been for years. Didn't you see their balance sheet? Red ink as far as the eye can see. No tangible assets. Over-valuation of intellectual property. And their roadmap... It's pathetic. Weak products in shrinking markets. Having deals with successful companies is more likely to make them rich than the historically unsuccessful chip supplier they've just suckered.

      And no, AMD doesn't need "exposure", AMD needs sales. Google can get away with giving Android away for free because Google makes money from your use of it to access their content, which creates click counts they bill advertisers for. AMD has no such revenue stream. AMD has to actually sell finished goods at premium prices, or it just loses the money it's wrapping around each one.

      Face it. You don't understand business, and that certainly means you don't understand investing in business. Which is _why_ you think AMD is a buy.

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      • Weak products, umm no, cant you read, ATI is on par with Nvidia. AMD doesnt compete with Intel anymore. Man research the compnay man. You are looking at AMD through 2010 eyes... GET UPDATED OR YOU ARE GONNA LOSE OUT....

        lol, " AMD doesnt need exposure, AMD needs sales ", ahahhaha . OK captain obvious all companies need sales, it how you GET those sales which is through exposure. Yeesh,

        "Google makes money from your use of it to access their content, which creates click counts they bill advertisers for. AMD has no such revenue stream"
        - Umm yes they do... access to their IP, exposure to use them in Semi-Custom chips. Man I didnt think you would take the analogy so literally. THINK MAN, google is a software company, AMD is a hardware company of course there are differences. MY Analogy still stands though, taking low margins upfront to gain exposure.

        Face it, you dont understand the tech sector, you probably cant even understand the basic computational principles behind what AMD is offering. I understand business, it really isnt too hard. You dont understand TECH.

    • chrispaul113213 Jul 24, 2013 3:29 PM Flag

      also keep in mind that the big boys will know it before us,so this stock will bounce out of the blue in the upcoming weeks and then we will get some solid news,doesn't surprise me if insiders already know something,with the high amount of volume we are seeing and the fact that the decline is slowing down dramatically means a lot of people were scared and gave up their shares while the big boys garbed as many as they could,and continue to do so,but the demand for these shares is becoming scarce so expect the price to run up soon!! ,

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Ever notice how the same lying clown bashers can never come up with a good answer to post like these? Except for the same immature rhetoric no one ever believes???

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