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  • arndace2 arndace2 Aug 30, 2013 11:06 AM Flag

    DWN 10 MORE CENTS IS TOO BRUTAL. What's really up?

    Amd is supposed to be on an upbeat with a gigantic resurgence of game chips to both Sony and MSFT. Amd is even broadcasting "profits" this qtr and especially next. Wall Street was not born yesterday. They always employ forward looking investment strategies. And yet, with all the hype, AMD is markedly headed DOWN, not up. Short interest is soaring to all time highs, not the other way.

    A rational mind has no choice but to at least ask the question - what might be wrong here? Do they know inside info that hasn't leaked yet? What might be so bad as to take Amd down so harshly toward the $2s again among all this great news? Let me remind you of one eternal nagging Amd problem which might be resurfacing one more time - Amd's history of under-delivering and taking their customers down with Amd.

    If it is already known that Console box parts are not ready for a massive launch in late November, both Sony and MSFT are in big trouble. But if it is AMD who is late with either flawed central processors or with low yields, then it will hurt Amd far far more than Sony or MSFT. Amd will take a gigantic hit this time, if this inside historically true info surfaces soon. That's the most likely explanation for Amd diving so hard every day, even on up DOW and down Dow days.

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