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  • light1soldier light1soldier Aug 30, 2013 12:16 PM Flag

    Why do you own AMD stock

    Well there are many reasons to do so..
    You can be long, or you can be short...
    It's all about making money or speculation...gone are the days when you would just buy a stock
    and watch it mature with a company....
    In todays world everything is fast but sometimes takes a little time....
    I am long in AMD, so what... I am not afraid when the stock goes down, WHY????
    Because companies like AMD are innovative and bring alot to the table..
    In more ways they are ahead of the competition technologically...
    Either way companies like AMD will not go bankrupt, WHY??
    Because before that happens if it were, but I don't see it, they would be bought out by another company
    because of what they have....
    Bash me, ok, you can try...i won't change my position...i'll just laugh at you..
    I know Amd has a future beyond what we see...
    If you are in it for the long haul, just sit and calm down, what goes down must come up....
    shorters just be prepared...

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    • When AMD reached from 2.50 to 1.80s, I was interested and did some HW.
      I even met with people who are into gaming and got some feedback on AMD.

      As people said, yes it hurts to see 4.60s going down to 3.27, but I am gonna hold for more than a year.
      I cant afford to trade a single stock on my money market account till next year.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I see great potential but this drop from 3.80 In 2 weeks hurts a bit

    • light1soldier, you do sound like LONG.

      I am more INTEL, yet having small shares in AMD. After doing my DD recently, I increased shares in AMD.

      AMD has shifted its gear, and started to find its knack. AMD does not want to give up its position in PC Market like INTEL because the Market is not dead. The Market only shrank. In the meantime, AMD decided to focus in developing its Tech in gaming & visual-graphic industries.

      Even though, small portable games are dominated by smart-phones, the real gamers still want to play addictive, thrill games (Battlefield, Halo, etc.) in the large HDTV with its own favorite console or to play PC games (WoW, Starcrafts, etc.) in his favorite customized Desktop. Creating chips which support Xbox, Nintendo, Play Station, etc., affordably and creating its unique-focused graphic cards for both game-console & computers allow AMD to move away from behemoth competitor INTEL, but finding its specialized territory.

      Recent innovation FACE PLUS working with Mixamo was stepping into a new territory with new-type of customers. Normal customers (day-in-day-out like you & me) will buy smart-phones, tablets, or maybe PC/laptop; however, we are limited by the budget to purchase any unique electronic items. In the meantime, creators in the game industry, Hollywood Graphic, new-experience-online-shopping industry, avatar-communication, etc. require unique tools that are affordable and user-friendly as such as Face Plus. These allow them to work proficiently and productively; hence, they can innovate and generate items attracting new-minded audiences and customers, bringing profits.

      AMD is not a BUY company from its looks-&-shape, right now, but its innovative ideas to survive (investing in correct R&D and collaborating with right sources) show a future in AMD. If the company has a future, then it is worth to invest as an investor, IMO. Not just because its stock-graph looks like hit the bottom, thus betting like gambling. Do your own DD. :)

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 2 Replies to rok.buckley
      • no, I only own microsoft,, tesla ,priceline and ,novavax...I didn't say AMD was a buy company, i only implied if they were heading down another company would buy them because of what they offer..
        I have no worries of AMD going down..I do a lot of research and I have alot of contacts out there
        that do legwork for me...and it has and will continue to pay off...I see and know there is a bright future for AMD...That's why I am not afraid when the stock dips ooooo..Like I said I am not a pessimist...period

    • Amazing this has dropped so much.

    • if i sell now i lose $1000. i hope it goes up and then i onlly lose $500. in other words i GOT PINCHED

    • for I am not a pessimist

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